DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 11.

 Welcome one and welcome all to an extra special Sunday issue of Nomad News from Nowhere. Think of it as a bank holiday treat (if your current country of choice does that sort of thing). This week I have more or less recovered from my toe disease and bought and planted an aubergine plant. It’s been fun.

Two important things before I get going. Firstly, a big thank you goes to Gem Grace for some very useful advice. It’s much appreciated. Secondly, my genius co-mad has managed to fix the broken laptop! Yes! I know that doesn’t really mean much to anyone but it’s a relief for me and the bank balance.

Useful Links.
Attention all digital nomads.
Click here for some of the latest and greatest job opportunities.
And here.

How many essential skills does a digital nomad need? 4? 6? Nope, it’s 5. Well, according to this article it is. How many do you have?

If you have all 5 of those skills great, if not, I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s not the end of the world. You can always learn a new and better skill at wonderful places like udemy! You can take courses in more or less everything that has ever been taught by anyone and it seems like they always have some sort of sale on. If you are itching to learn you really should have a look at udemy.

Are you part of the twitterati? Those of you that are might want to know The 6 twitter accounts all digital nomads should follow. I’m not on there, I get to promote myself @DigitalNomadJob. I don’t really tweet things that are useless. Promise.

I fear that this list might be a little too obvious for people but still, everyone likes to save money yes? If you’re the kind of digital nomad that is a little spend happy you might want to read this list of ’10 genius money-saving tips’. Hopefully, it will help you save up your pennies until they turn into pounds.

Oh, let’s have ourselves a good list of resources for digital nomads. You never know what you might find if you look hard enough. Although I do know what you’ll find here. What you’ll find here will be of use to you if you are already a, or are planning to become a digital nomad.

We all get a little bit ‘meh’ at times. It’s fine, enjoy some time off. The trouble only starts when you can’t quite get back into your groove. You might need some motivational tips. You can find them here. If you can be bothered to click the link that is.

Now that you are sufficiently motivated you might find that you are firing on all cylinders but not really getting anywhere. If you find yourself in that tricky position then you my friend need a lesson in productivity.

Here’s your travel photo of the week. It’s a good one.

City Guides.
War(saw) yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely some things. Say it again. If you can get past that incredibly laboured Edwin Starr reference and are fancying a trip to Poland you can read up on life in Warsaw here.

Brno is good. Brno is great. Go to Brno.
(This link is sponsored by the Brno tourist board*.)
(*It isn’t really. I just really like it there.)

Despite having wanted to go for about 7 years I have never been to Ghent. I’m not really sure where my desire to visit stems from but rest assured, one day I will make it there. Until then I have to amuse myself by looking at pictures and reading the travel guides (it’s an exciting life…). The Guardian seem to like it. Inci-ghently (I think that works?) If you have ever been to Ghent please get in touch and let me know how brilliant it is.

Recipes of the Week.
This week I tried to be a bit nicer to the animals and have a vegetarian week. It was pretty good really. I don’t think I’ll become a fully fledged vegetarian but I’ll almost certainly be reigning in my lust for meat. One of the biggest successes of the vegetarian week was ”fish and chips”. It was a very pleasant surprise although you might want to season the tofu before you batter it.

If you prefer your fish to be actual fish and not tofu you should try this fish and chip recipe instead. It’s pure. Pure like the driven snow.

Song 1.

Song 2.

And there we are. Issue 11 is done. Hope you found something in there to amuse yourself with for a few minutes at least. If you’re thirsty for more be sure to check out the Digital Nomad Jobs Pinterest board and you can find us on Facebook if you look hard enough. Again, if you’ve got anything that you’d like to me to include in next weeks issue feel free to get in touch. As long as it’s not mean or horrible I’m fairly certain I can find you some room. Anyway, if you get a bank holiday, enjoy it, if not, tough noogies, still enjoy it! Take it easy.

Ps. As of 10:37 this morning if you google image search ‘digital nomads’ and set the time to the past week you will see that my digital nomad cat Margy is the third image. I’m sure she’s delighted!