Digital Nomad Jobs – How to become an affiliate marketer.

Digital Nomad Jobs: You say, they pay.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Affiliate Marketer*

Tomster’s dictionary defines ‘affiliate marketing’ as ”not being able to come up with your own idea but still wanting to make money by hawking other peoples products.”
(Just a joke, I actually quite like the concept of affiliate marketing when done fairly.)
*Also, this website does do some affiliate marketing and you may or may not come across some affiliate links in this post.
You will.
She’s not for sale but if I had to market her..
‘Moody, missing several toes and yowly.
Maybe she is for sale?

Affiliate marketing is basically the brainchild of a genius. I don’t know who sat around and suddenly thought. ‘Cripes, we can get a massive amount of exposure for basically peanuts. I am great, give me a huge bonus now.’ But whoever it was, fair play to them. If you don’t already know, affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission for selling other peoples products or services. You make a percentage per item you sell and the company you are selling for, gets the rest, plus the free advertising. It’s win-win* for everyone involved. Becoming an affiliate is easier than ever and practically every major company offers affiliate programs, meaning that you will more than likely find a program to suit you. Obviously, if it was as easy as I’ve just made it sound, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be rich and no-one would need to fear the Tories would need to worry about anything monetary wise ever again. You will have to put some hard graft in to make a go of being a successful affiliate marketer but hopefully, you can make it work for you.
*In that you get a profit of sorts, it probably won’t be earth shattering but it’s better than a kick in the can. Also, it’s not pyramid selling, so that’s a bonus.

The first thing you need to decide on is what you want to sell. People in the know call this ‘choosing your niche’. Now, obviously, it’ll help you if you are already familiar with your niche. If you are incredibly into shoes, maybe sell shoes or other foot accessories, not hats. Although the hat is just a shoe for the head I guess? Anyway, you get the point I’m sure. There are other factors to be considered when niche picking, you should be thinking about how much competition there is, is your niche over saturated? Will you still be committed to blogging about your niche in a years time? Are other people interested in your niche? Not everyone likes the same thing after all. You can find out the answers to some of these questions by doing a little digging on Google keywords and similar programs. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one niche. Depending on how much time and love for affiliate marketing you have there is nothing stopping you setting up 25 pages if you like.

When you have decided on your idea/s you will need somewhere to market your wares. It’s going to be quite hard to join affiliate programs without a website to sell them from. If you’re not sure how to set up a website you should 100% read this guide from WebsiteSetup* which covers everything you’ll need to know.
*It’s free, that’s not an affiliate link!

Cosmic, you are up and running with your website, now it’s time to find your affiliate partners. Technically you could do this before you build your website but I don’t think it really matters all that much. Unless your niche is so incredibly nichey that you now discover there are no affiliate programs for you. Hey, that’s your fault. Should have done your homework. If you’re struggling a little bit have a look at ClickBank, Rakuten and Amazon. They are good places to start and will hopefully get you up and running. There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs out there and as with everything else on the internet you need to be careful. The majority of programs will be free to join, if they want overly personal details*, it’s probably a fiddle. If it looks to good to be true, it’s probably a fiddle. If they want you to pay them. It’s probably a fiddle. Be vigilant and you should be fine. One more thing, really think about what kind of person you want to be. Do you want to sell anything and everything in search of quick profit or do you have some integrity? The affiliate links I use on this site are all things that I either have used or that I like the look of. If I link to a bag for example, it’s because I like how it looks or it has good reviews you can read. I won’t tell you something is great when I don’t know for sure for two reasons.

1. No-one would listen to me anyway.
2. It’s not a very nice thing to do. You should only recommend things that you honestly like or enjoy. Be nice.
*They will need payment details of course.

Once you are set up as an affiliate partner you’ll need to start selling, you can do this by adding affiliate links into your content. For example, this is an article about affiliate marketing, if you’d like to learn about all things affiliate marketing have a look at the courses run by Udemy. Seamless. Maybe you are writing a blog on music and you feel the need to recommend the fantastic album Grey Tickles, Black Pressure by John Grant. Sign up with Amazon and you can, like I just did. Just then, seamless again. It really is a great album mind. It’s incredibly easy to get the links for products, they want you to make them money after all, and once you’re signed up you will probably also have access to visual adverts and promotional materials. Like I said, they make it so easy for you to make them money! You’ll need to keep a constant stream of visitors coming to your website so it’s important for you to stay up to date with new content. Good content will increase traffic and hopefully, that will have a positive knock-on effect with your affiliate sales. Remember to use the analytics programs (which most affiliate programs will have) to see how things are going, what sells best and when etc. You can use these to alter things to (ethically) maximise your returns.

As with all websites, if no one can find you, you are finished. Spend some time promoting yourself and learning the basics of SEO. This will be key in helping you reach the digital nomad dream of residual income!

What do I need skill wise?

Not a lot that we haven’t already mentioned really. You obviously don’t need any formal training, there are plenty of options online available for you to learn from. It would be nice to have a grasp of website building, SEO and all the other internet things you’ll be using, social media and such. Is patience a skill? More of a trait but yeah, you’ll need that. It’s very unlikely you’ll hit the ground and make $10,000 a month, to be fair you might struggle to make $10 a month to start with. Any skill or knowledge of business will also be a massive boost to you, knowing about expansion and tax returns and all that jazz. If you’re successful you’ll definitely need to know what to do next with your empire.

What do I need hardware wise?

Standard digital nomad kit. A laptop and internet access. Anything other than that seems excessive.

Where do I find work?

Well, you are certainly not short of places to go here. This link contains 55 of the best affiliate programs out there complete with reviews and a pros and cons list. Depending on your niche you may want to narrow down your search, if you have a favourite company have a look on their website for affiliate programs. Basically, you can just type in {insert relevant product} affiliate and you’ll almost certainly find something.

What can I earn?

That depends on how hard you are willing to work and how good at it you are. As I mentioned before, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It is possible to make a living out of this but you might be better served having a fallback option to begin with. There are many, many websites out there offering to sell you help books telling you how you can make thousands a month through affiliate marketing. I’m not saying they won’t*, just that it’s unlikely that they will. If they are so good at making all the money and kind enough to share the knowledge why don’t they give it away for free?
*I am saying that.

Affiliate programs vary in commission so you’ll do well to shop around and find one or more that feels like a good fit for you. It certainly is possible to make a living as an affiliate marketer but it will be hard, fairly constant work I’m sure.

How well does it suit the Digital Nomad lifestyle?

The kit is minimal, the work can be done anywhere. Sounds perfect really. Quit the day job and book your flights! It’s time to nomad.

No, not really. Affiliate marketing can easily be a slow burner, but hopefully, with your trademark attitude and application, you will soon be riding high on a (modestly sized) income that keeps you in digital nomad luxury. Either that or do it alongside another job for some extra pocket-money?