What You Should Know About Airbnb’s 100 New Features

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Anticipating a huge rebound in travel, Airbnb just released hundreds of new features and upgrades that make the rental platform easier to use for both renters and hosts. Talk to almost any digital nomad, and they’re likely to have used Airbnb during their travels. Renting an Airbnb monthly often comes with a large discount that makes monthly living expenses more affordable. Airbnbs also appeal to digital nomads since you’re more likely to find accommodations with a designated work area, strong wifi, and a kitchen.

The recent upgrades make Airbnb more user-friendly, easier to search for rental properties, and makes it easier to onboard new hosts.

Here’s what’s changing

Digital nomads tend to excel in flexibility. From changing locations, languages, and jobs, flexibility is key in this industry, and Airbnb is matching this by offering more flexibility when looking for a property to rent. Now when you type in a location in the upper search bar, you’ll be given the option to select “I’m flexible” rather than just a calendar. You can then choose weekend, week, or month. This allows potential renters to choose a location and browse properties that could have been filtered out by providing specific dates.

Airbnb flexibility
Screenshot from airbnb.com

Airbnb is also adding better ways to search for properties with “flexible destinations.” Search for a specific type of property like treehouse or beachfront bungalow to find your ideal stay.

Airbnb integrated more search features into the platform so you can choose options like wood-burning fireplace vs. gas fireplace and seasonal highlights like ski-in/out cabins.

It’s also easier to reserve properties, and the checkout process now has fewer steps. 

Finally, if you have a home base you’re looking to rent out on Airbnb while you travel, the process to become a host now has just 10 steps, and Airbnb will give you an estimated price range for what your daily, weekly, and monthly price should be. 

Check out the complete listing of over 100 Airbnb updates here.

Lauren Allain
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