American and Traveling Anytime Soon? You’ll Need to Renew Your Passport Super Early

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US citizens who have plans to travel anytime soon should be checking their passport’s expiration date.

According to the US Department of State, thanks to a combo of covid slowdowns and mail service meltdowns, online passport renewal services are currently at a 12-week turnaround for the actual passport processing plus five to six weeks for mailing time. In total, this means it could take up to four months to renew a US passport.

The State Department estimates expedited passport services will take 12 weeks in total from the date of sending the passport in until receiving a new one.

Because of these delays, the State Department recommends applying for a passport renewal a full six-month in advance. 

Passport services aside from an adult renewing an existing 10-year passport will likely require an in-person appointment. The State Department schedules these appointments according to a “life-or-death emergency” priority schedule, so getting one is not guaranteed.

For Americans who are already abroad or traveling soon with a passport that doesn’t expire in the next six months, it may be a faster turnaround time to renew at a US embassy overseas. Find the complete list of US Embassies and consulates here


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