Appsolutely fabulous. Part 2.

 Digital Nomad Essential Kit – Appsolutely fabulous. Part 2.

Here we go with another 25 apps all discerning Digital Nomads should be clued up on. That brings your total so far up to the magic five-o, that’s 50(!) of the finest bits of digital kit designed to make your life easier, happier and just better in general.

Duolingo – ‘Hallo. Wie heißt du? Ich heiße Tom.’ If you are now sat wondering what on earth I am talking about you should be looking at Duolingo. A fun and addictive way to learn a new language. There are currently over 20 language courses for English speakers to take ranging from German to Korean with a bit of Klingon thrown in for good measure (seriously. I wouldn’t make that up). The course is free and it really is quite good fun. You’ll almost certainly pick up a few new words and phrases to help you on the road.

TripLingo – TripLingo is the ultimate tool for international travellers, according to themselves. To be fair, it is pretty wicked. The app is full of features designed to make your travel life that little bit easier. As with all apps now TripLingo does offer in app purchases, however, they also offer a 200-year money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with any of those purchases. You can’t really say fairer than that.

MAPS.ME – I thought I should offer an alternative to Citymaps2go. I don’t want it to look like I’m picking favourites. It’s a good map app.

Rome2rio – An obvious choice here but one everyone should know about. If you need to know how to get from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world, you should go to Rome2rio. It will tell you all of your travel options, show you a map, give you a rough price guide and even recommend things to see and places to stay. Sure, the price guides can be a little bit sketchy but that’s the only flaw in my eyes.

Splittr – I get the idea behind this app, honestly I do, I just find it a touch awkward. Nobody wants to be shortchanged or left feeling embarrassed when it comes time to pay the bill but I’m not sure you need an app for it. If you’re travelling the world I can only assume you have a basic knowledge of maths? Still, if you have an anal attitude towards all things financial this is the app for you. I do feel the need to take umbrage at the tag line they have chosen to use. ”Forget about complicated Excel sheets after a trip with friends!” Do people do that? Do you do that? Oh dear, might be time to get some new ‘friends’, one of you is a bit of a miser.

XE Currency – If you’ve decided to go with Splittr make sure you get XE as well. You’ll need to make sure you have the correct exchange rates down to the day! You don’t want to find out in 2 months time that Hank got a better exchange rate in Paris than Dale got in Budapest. That could cause chaos.

Work Hard Anywhere – A digital nomad needs to work, therefore a digital nomad needs somewhere to work from. This app lets you search for the perfect spot. There is a vast filter function here so you can find somewhere practically tailor-made for you which you know comes highly recommended by fellow nomads.

Vouchercloud – If you are visiting England’s grey and dreary green and pleasant lands on your travels you should 100% have a look at Vouchercloud. It could save you a fortune. Trust me, I’m English, I know how expensive it is there. They have deals and discounts in basically every category you might need as a traveller such as food, leisure, accommodation and yeah, travel. If you visit that place without even looking at Vouchercloud I am officially saying that you might not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

National Trust App – Another one for anyone visiting the UK is the National Trust app, if history and heritage are your thing you should visit a Trust property. I used to go a lot as a child, its good fun in a serene, peaceful way. Ah, the heady days of my youthful summers, bitterly complaining that I was bored and wanted an ice cream. Great days. Anyway, you should have a look, it’s much nicer than visiting Birmingham.

Skyscanner – Another obvious choice but if it ain’t (that) broke, don’t fix it.

Hipmunk – This website has the two things I dislike most in the internet world, a rubbish name and a mascot. A flying goggle wearing, scarf sporting chipmunk. Cripes. Still, the content is much better than the design. Flights, hotels, cars and package deals can all be sourced through hipmunk and they will even notify you when the price drops. I’m not entirely sure why that’s a good idea after you’ve booked it? I certainly wouldn’t want the toothy little git grinning at me telling me I’d just over spent by £100.

Allpoint – Withdrawing money shouldn’t cost you money. Unfortunately it can. This app is a database of over 55,000 charge free ATM’s. From what I can gather the machines are only located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico but still, it’s better than nothing.

Google Trips – It’s basically a travel planner. You can do a lot of things with it. It’s quite good. It looks fresh and clean. It’s a little bit invasive. It knows where you are. It knows what you are doing. All of the time. It’s everything you would expect from a Google app.
Google, I know you’ll see this, just want to point out that it’s just a joke, please don’t get the internet police on to me.

Happy Cow – Is there a vegetarian option? Yes, Happy Cow! A restaurant finder for vegetarians across the globe!

Wiffinity – Everybody loves a nice batch of free WiFi. This app allows you easy access to over 600,000 WiFi spots worldwide. All of the networks are password protected giving you extra peace of mind and stopping you from having to give out any personal details. The app also features a map showing you your nearest hot spots which can be a handy way to eliminate the need for roaming. Both meanings of the word. This app does have some mixed reviews and to be honest I’ve never needed an app to help me find WiFi on my travels. Still, if you do and you want to try it, you should. Go ‘To Wiffinity and beyond!’
I honestly have little opinion on this app, I just wanted to crow bar a Toy Story reference into this piece.

LiveTrekker – Like to trek? Like to show off? You’ll like LiveTrekker! This is an app that will use GPS to constantly spy-on, follow track your progress as you walk where you’re going to walk. As you go along you can video, photograph and make up great anecdotes to share with the world when you’re finished! Perfect if you want to show the people you’re supposed to love and care for what a wickedly, brilliant time you are having whilst they are stuck back in the daily grind!

Offline Survival Guide – Whilst you are trekking through the treacherous jungle wildly taking pictures and videos you might get lost. Bugger, now you’re lost in the jungle and your group is getting scared. It’s time to step up to the plate, you need to unleash your inner Bear Grylls, you need turn to your only hope, you need to open your app. This app has it all, it’s full of useful information and is great whether you are trekking the Andes* or just going camping with a few friends. It contains sections on shelter, fire, water procurement, dangerous animals and plants and plenty more. If nothing else it’s an interesting read when you’re on a plane or a fast train.
*I assume it’s useful when trekking the Andes, I haven’t actually done that. To be honest I don’t really like climbing up the stairs to my apartment.

First Aid by British Red Cross – If you don’t think you need the ultimate survival guide you should get this instead. Basic first aid can save lives and it’s important (I think) that everyone should know at least the basics.

Airbnb – You know what it is.

App in the Air – Whilst researching this app I noticed that a lot of people comment on its name being a bit silly or kitsch. I’ll be honest, it took me ages to spot and I might still be getting it wrong, is it a play on ‘up in the air’? Anyway, regardless of the name this is quite a useful flight tool. It has everything you need to know, it’s your own personal flight assistant.

TouchNote – TouchNote is perfect if you have elderly relatives that aren’t too computer savvy but love getting post and updates on your travels. You take a picture, add a caption and TouchNote will print and post it for you. I know it’s not really a ground breaker but it’s really easy and quick to use and could really make someones day.

Uber – Taxi drivers might hate them, Macklemore might say that you don’t need one but yeah. Some people do. It’s cheap, it’s cash free. It gets you where you want to go.

Mytaxi – You might love taxi drivers, Macklemore will still tell you that you don’t need one (he’s less polite when it comes to bus passes) but yeah. Some people do. It’s reasonably priced, has the option of being cash free and it gets you where you want to go.

Citymapper – Er. It’s a travel map, for a city. It’s more than that really, it’s a great tool for all things public transport. Just fill in where you are and where you want to go and Citymapper will work it out for you. There are currently a limited number of cities available on Citymapper but I’m sure that when people realise how useful it is that will increase, definitely one to keep an eye on.

TransferWise – Sometimes you need to transfer funds around the planet. You might have won the Spanish lottery or been lucky enough to come in to contact with a deposed Nigerian prince? Yeah he’s going to send you $6.7m but you still want to avoid the hidden fees the big banks will sting you with. Get the best deal for your dollar with TransferWise. It’s safe, secure and easy to use. Just remember who put you onto TransferWise when the money comes through yeah?