Appsolutely Fabulous. Part 3.

Appsolutely fabulous. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 3.

Welcome to part 3 of the ‘appening’. Another chance for you to (hopefully) discover some thing new and exciting to help make your digital nomad adventures easier. Or more fun. Or even just less dull. Basically it will help you pass some time somewhere.

Pretty Streets – Sometimes you just want to go for a nice walk on a pretty street. Get Pretty Streets and you can.

LuckyTrip – If you’ve got the money but not the inspiration to plan an adventure? let LuckyTrip tell you what to do. You enter your budget and the app will do the rest, flights, accommodation and even activities will be decided for you. A brief glimpse into our bleak future controlled by the Government overlords perhaps*? As far as I can tell the process isn’t legally binding so you don’t have to do what they say but you might want to double-check the small print just in case!
*No, it’s really not.

The Fork – If you eat in Europe you should really give a fork about The Fork. This is a restaurant app allowing you to find and book a table in over 30,000 restaurants all over Europe. The fork also offers discounts of up to 50% in many restaurants allowing you to eat like royalty on a peasants wage.

Musement – Musement aims to give you the best experiences wherever you go. You simply enter your location and the app will show you the best of the best! You’ll often find special discounted prices or even just things you would never have thought of doing. Be aware when booking some events that you will need a physical printed voucher.

Medical ID ICE – This one is a pretty genius idea. The app allows you to create medical profiles that are accessible from your phones lock screen. Perfect in case of any emergencies or unforseen circumstances. You can enter information such as your blood type, contacts, allergies and any existing medical conditions. This information can be vital for first responders although I’m not entirely sure how they would know to check your phone? Wear a t-shirt that tells them maybe? Anyway, the basic app is free but if you’re going to get this one you should probably go all out on the premium option for$2.99.

ICE Contact – Not the funnest of apps but a useful one nevertheless. ICE Contact is an emergency app which allows you to feel safe at all times. The app can be used to either send instant messages to your contacts alerting them to your imminent peril (a tinder date for instance) or delayed messages to let them know that you…. Er…. have been in peril and really needed some help an hour ago? What? I don’t get that part. Ah, OK, I read some more of the FAQ’s now. Basically, if you were going on a hike you can set up a delayed message to tell people your rough GPS location, what time you will be back and at what point they should start panicking if they haven’t heard from you. Then they can call the search teams in. It’s actually quite a cool thing now I know more about it.

Tinder – Now you have your personal safety app you might as well use it for something. Get involved in the world of right and left swiping. Find a match. Become lovers. Get married. Have some kids. Say goodbye to digital nomad life. Become disillusioned with family life. Re-open the app. Right or left swipe. Find a like-minded individual. Have an affair. Get a divorce. Become a single parent. Become a gin aficionado. Wait until the kids are old enough. Get back on the digital nomad road. Rinse and repeat.

Entrain – If you suffer horrendously with jet lag this could be the app you need. Entrain aims to use light to help your body clock adjusted to the right time zone as soon as possible. I could go into great detail about it here but you can just click the link and it explains all of the ‘science’.

Goodbudget – I am fairly appalling at financial control. I rarely plan ahead, happen to think that money grows on trees and fundamentally just want to have a good time. I really need to get an app like Goodbudget. It’s full of useful features, is quite stylish and is very easy to use. You never know, it could be the difference between you affording that next train connection to Warsaw or hitch hiking across Poland’s frozen lands (if you go in winter, it’s actually quite nice in summer).

Mint or Monefy or Money Manager EX or My Budget Book – Finance is a personal thing, you should find the app that suits you best. These are just a few alternatives to Goodbudget you might like to consider.

Roomer – Roomer is a selling market place designed for people who can’t make their pre-arranged and non-refundable hotel bookings. It can be a bit hit and miss but if you find yourself in cities like London, Paris, Barcelona or Milan and want to try a night or two of luxury at a non luxurious price you could do a lot worse than 5 minutes on Roomer.

WhatsApp – More than 1 billion people in 180 countries use WhatsApp. I know precisely zero of them so I don’t use it*. Still, it looks quite good and it has some stellar reviews so if you’re looking for a free way to stay in touch with all of your friends** this could be it. Unless of course there is a new, cooler app out for this sort of thing? I’m not very clued up on the latest trends.
*It’s a sad life but these are the sacrifices one must make to accommodate an anti-social personality.
**‘Of course I’m not jealous that you have friends, honestly, you use your ‘skyeapp’ and ‘facewitter’. I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me {sob}’.

Glympse – Have you always dreamt of the day when the people you love/care about/vaguely know can keep tabs on your every move? Well wake up and face your utopian ideal. Glympse will let you show people where you are on your own terms, you can add whoever you want, and show them your information for as long, or as little as you please. Perfect if you have a worrying set of parents/friends, people you vaguely know.

Google flights – It is what it is.

Swearport – Ever wanted to call someone a **** in German? How about a stupid ******* idiot in Swedish? ‘Oi you ****, you’ve pushed in, **** off back to the end of the queue you absolute ********’ might sound a lot better in Danish than in Hungarian. Well, if you want the thrill of being able to swear wherever you are in the world this 80p app is the one for you. Swearing, it’s not big, it’s not clever*, but gosh, sometimes it’s funny.
*Technically it will be a bit clever if you can do it in 8 different languages.

Met Office – Another weather app but one that’s particularly useful when visiting the United* Kingdom. It’s free unless you want to get rid of the adverts at which point it reverts to typical ‘British’ mode and charges you a staggeringly overpriced £2.99. £2.99 for something to tell you it’s going to be grey, dreary and miserable 85% of the year. I’ll just stick to looking in the mirror.
*United? Good joke.

Couchsurfing – For those of you with more faith in mankind than me there is the couchsurfing app. I’m sure you all know what it is. One quick word of warning, I once lived in Budapest and knew of a Frenchman who advertised his spare room on couchsurfing. He only accepted requests from solo female travellers. Don’t get me wrong, he seemed like a nice guy, I’m just not entirely convinced he was in it to make ‘just’ friends. I guess the moral of the story is. ‘Be wary when staying with a Frenchman in Budapest whose name is {redacted}.’

Everplaces – ‘Find the best places to sleep, eat and play.’ If you are an on point, trendy and stylish nomad you might want to look at Everplaces. It looks pretty cool and is full of ideas from fellow travellers who have travelled the same path as you (not quite so stylish and on point now are we! Way to go unoriginal traveller). Seriously, it’s a pretty useful tool if you are new to a city.

Spotted by Locals – Spotted by Locals is the ultimate way to live like a local, allegedly. There are over 65 city guides (67) full of all of the information you’ll need to have a fantastic stay. The guides are priced $3.99 a city so won’t break the budget too badly. Like the app above, this is a great app to help you explore your latest nomad home.

HERE WeGo – Urban navigation made easy.

Rizon – A niche app for the photographers out there. Rizon will tell you to the minute when the ‘Golden Hour’ will start allowing you to plan well in advance your outdoor photo shoots. Whatever that means.

GLP – Ever wanted to find a ‘great little place’? Well someone did, they found it and now they are sharing it with you. Perfect if you want to find a quirky place to eat or drink that will offer great food and even better instagram opportunities. GLP currently has over 15,000 places in 100+ cities in 6 countries so it’s not huge but it is constantly growing. You should be a part of that.

Indie GuidesGlamorous Indie cultural guide is what I want, it’s in my soul, it’s what I need. If you don’t want the app (which looks pretty freakin’ sweet) you should click on the song link anyway. It’s genius.

Detour Detour is cool. It’s a guided walking tour app that can show you around some of the worlds most famous sights and cities for roughly $5 a go. There are a few restrictions on the app so make sure you can definitely access it before you go full steam ahead.

GasBuddy – If you are planning on a great US road trip you should 100% get GasBuddy on your phone. If you need to find gas, this is your buddy.

And there is part 3. We’re now up to 75+ apps that all digital nomads should be in the know about. If you know of anymore share them with me and your fellow digital nomad comrades in the comments section.