Austria Welcomes Back Americans, but You’ll Need to Test Often if You’re Not Vaccinated

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As of June 24th, Austria has added itself to the growing list of countries in the European Union that have officially reopened borders to travelers and tourists from the United States. 

Travelers from the US and other nations deemed of low epidemiological risk are now allowed to visit Austria for tourism without any need to quarantine upon arrival. 

The complete, up-to-date list of nations on Austria’s low epidemiological risk list, as well as any updated requirements since the date of publishing, can be found here.

Whether vaccinated or not, US passport holders may enter Austria for tourism purposes but must show proof of any one of three verifications at border control.

  1. Proof of complete vaccination with a vaccine authorized by the European Medicines Agency. Or arrival between 21 days and 90 days after the first dose of any accepted two-dose vaccine. All vaccines currently administered in the United States are on this list, but check the list if you received a vaccine somewhere else to check if it’s accepted. 
  2. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours, or a rapid test taken within 48 hours before entering Austria. 
  3. Proof of recent recovery from covid (within 180 days) issued by a medical professional or public authority. 

Just to clarify, this means no quarantine if you can show proof of any of these requirements.

If the traveler shows proof of vaccination, no further proof via testing is required, unlike some nations in Europe. 

What to expect in Austria

Things are certainly getting back to normal. Hotels, restaurants, and even nightclubs have reopened. 

Shops and museums are open again and ready for your business. Cultural sights and destinations have also reopened. 

If you’re vaccinated, you’ll need to keep your vaccine card on you. Entrance to many of these public spaces, both indoor and outdoor, will require you to show proof for entry. 

Traveling within Austria will require a little more work if you’re not vaccinated. Without proof of vaccination, all of these public spaces will instead require an “Entry Test.” Luckily there are many free options available, and you can read the exact details here. Some tests remain valid for 72 hours, while others can be done on the spot and grant you a single entry. 

You’ll still need to keep your mask on in many areas like public transportation and museums.

Returning to the US after Austria?

Keep in mind; the US requires all travelers over the age of two to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of takeoff to enter the country. 

Stay up to date on these US entry requirements on the US Embassy website


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