Belgium Heads Toward Normal on September 1, Dropping Tons of COVID Restrictions

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Full-vaccinated travelers looking for a piece of what life looked like pre-covid might want to consider heading to Belgium soon.

Belgium reported reaching its 70% vaccination rate target and now intends to dismantle some covid policies.

The press release states, “More than 90% of the over-65s and vulnerable people in our country are fully vaccinated, and almost 70% of the total population has been vaccinated. Belgium is, therefore, one of the best-performing vaccination countries in the European Union and the world.”

Thanks to reaching this vaccination goal, Belgium will remove nearly all covid-related restrictions on September 1st.

The new regulations will include no more masking requirements in public unless attending an indoor event with more than 200 people or an outdoor event with more than 400. However, masking will remain mandatory on public transportation, in railway stations, and in shops and shopping centers. 

Restaurants will no longer be required to space out tables according to covid standards, and opening hours will once again be up to their own discretion. However, restaurant service staff will remain masked. 

Private events, parties, etc., will no longer have caps or curfews of any kind either. Nightclubs and dance halls open on October 1st. 

Belgium currently allows tourists to enter without a testing or quarantine requirement so long as they’ve been vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine or Covishield. Read all the requirements to enter Belgium here.


Lauren Allain
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