Denmark Is Now Welcoming Vaccinated Tourists. Your Ticket to a Scandinavian Summer

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If Denmark has been on your summer destination list, we have good news for you.

On June 5, the Danish government issued a press release stating the country is now open to visitors for any purpose from all 37 OECD countries, which notably includes the E.U., U.S., U.K., Chile, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand. 

These visitors will not be subject to any testing or quarantine procedures as long as they are fully vaccinated. 

The only restrictions are arriving a minimum of 14 days after finishing a full regimen of a European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved vaccine. Currently, those include Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. 

a harbor with boats in Copenhagen

The Danish government will assess each country weekly for infection rates and place them in a yellow, orange, or red color classification. If COVID rates are too high, the country will be placed in a red classification that will pause the entry for tourism purposes until rates return to a safer level.

The U.S. Embassy & Consulate of Denmark recommends checking the Danish Government covid website with the country’s latest information for tourists.

The U.S. Embassy also recommends printing a copy of the Danish government’s policies to show any airline personnel questioning the covid entry guidelines.

Denmark now joins other European countries like Greece and France that are welcoming back American tourists this summer.


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