Destinations: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain.*

** Revision

I went to Ibiza again, it was cool. We stayed in another family home in Santa Eularia des Riu and I had a great time, the local area is beautiful, well priced and a lot of fun.

What to see?
Beautiful people sunning themselves and drinking drinks you can afford if you somehow manage to sell a body part whilst there. Seriously though, Ibiza is a beautiful island with some great beaches and fantastic views, it’s well worth taking a walk around just to see the different sights and sounds of the place. I’m not a clubbing kind of guy so I won’t pretend I am. I have heard you can see some pretty crazy stuff if you know the right places and people mind…(don’t do drugs!)

Where to stay?
I was lucky enough to stay in my girlfriends family home on the island, to be honest that’s the only reason I went. Ibiza isn’t a cheap place to visit if you don’t know where to go, hostels might be your best bet as a digital nomad on the road, you might even consider camping? I did see a lot of people setting up camp on the cliffs around the sea, I’m not entirely sure how legal that is mind. Hostels can be found for a fairly reasonable price if you book in advance, just remember the old motto. “You get what you pay for!”

What to drink?
I was only in Ibiza for a few days and spent most of that walking or watching the World Cup, the only bars I went to I can’t really recommend as they were overpriced and served me pretty horrendous pints of what was allegedly San Miguel. It wasn’t. I did however, discover a small shop selling cans of Vimto and Irn Bru for about 60p. After spending a year out of England prior to this I was ecstatic. I was euphoric. I was in a nightclub at 4am on some benzo rush happy (allegedly). If you can’t succeed on a Vimto quest I hear the cocktails aren’t to bad as well.

What to eat?
You can find pretty good deals in the beach bar for almost any kind of food you can think of, probably a good place for seafood lovers and those that like paella. Saying that, if it’s a heavy night on the pop you are after I’m fairly certain a nice greasy kebab or fish and chips can be found on almost ever corner of the party zones.

Top tip.
Take a lot of money, be prepared to spend a lot of money, don’t anger the police or nightclub doormen, find the Irn Bru shop, avoid the night ferry at all costs, stay with a family member if you can, maybe just don’t visit Ibiza?

* I didn’t really like Ibiza.