Destinations: Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal

What to see?
Lagos is a bustling town with many interesting things to see and do. I won’t try and sell you a grotto trip or a kayaking experience as you’ll get enough offers when you’re there! I will recommend a free day out: the cliff top walk. You can take as long as you like admiring the beautiful views out onto the Atlantic Ocean, the unique rock formations and the stunning flora and fauna. There are many suitable places to stop and eat so take a picnic along. The walk is suitable for almost all, however pushchairs and the elderly my struggle in the more rugged areas.

Where to stay?
A great way to experience Lagos is to take advantage of the various apartments available on Airbnb. We found a fantastic apartment right in the centre of the town and ended up staying for 6 months. By staying out of the major hotels you may well find yourself exploring parts of the town you wouldn’t have normally. An extra added bonus, depending on your host, is that you might have access to a free human guide book!

Where to eat?
Although Lagos is bursting with restaurants offering all types of cuisine there can only be one place for me. The Adega Da Marina offers simple Portuguese cuisine at very affordable prices, popular with tourists and locals the restaurant can get exceptionally busy in the summer months and booking would be recommended. The atmosphere is very lively and although considered by some to be canteen like (they have long rows of tables) I find it to be an enjoyable, authentic Portuguese place. Try the piri-piri chicken, pork ribs and salad.

Where to drink?
The Lionheart. Not much more to say really, if you are looking for a great drink at a great price then here is your place. A little difficult to find if you don’t know where you are going, but well worth the effort. Happy hour runs until 10 or 10:30 and and the cocktail list is extensive, make sure you have the paracetamol ready for the next day. Be warned, there is often karaoke, so those with a distaste for loud noises may wish to leave before 11pm!

Top tip!
Enjoy yourself! Lagos is a beautiful town, full of life and colour. There is so much to do and see that you’ll find yourself wishing you could stay longer. For any self caterers going to Lagos, it is worth finding the local Lidl or Pingo Doce as they are amazingly cheaper than the 2 supermarkets in the town centres and only a 10 minute walk away.