Destinations: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

What to see?
Simply put Ljubljana is a beautiful city. The architecture is fantastic and the natural views from the castle are wonderful. If you are feeling like a cultural experience then you must take the time to venture around the picturesque old town. Filled with quaint shops , varied restaurants and sight seeing options galore, there is sure to be something for everyone. If bridges are more of your thing(?) make sure you find the Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge, both are pretty cool places where you can watch Slovenian life go by.

Where to stay?
As in most capital cities around the world you’re pretty much guaranteed finding something to suit you. High end hotel to single bed in a dorm, Ljubljana has it all. You can probably sleep under one of the bridges if you like! (You can’t). I stayed in the Budget Rooms Vodmat which is exactly what you’d expect from the name. The staff were very accommodating and allowed me to check in at 3am instead of 12pm, really can’t argue with that eh?!

Where to eat?
My favourite restaurant in Ljubljana is Druga Violina, it is brilliant. Great food, menu of the day, reasonable prices. Enjoy!

Where to drink?
As there are so many to choose from it seems unfair to narrow it down to just one. So this is not so much a where to drink as a what to drink. Basically try the local beer (Lasko Zlatorog) in as many bars as you can. If the weather is good enough try and sit outside and nose on all the other tourists milling past. If beer isn’t your thing then I’ve heard good things about the Aperol Spritz.

Top tip.
Visit the castle, the views are amazing. For the adventurous there is the option to walk up the sharp incline, for the more sedate the funicular is open pretty much all day. Go for the walk, it’s more rewarding!