Destinations: Venice, Italy

What to see?

Pretty obvious choice really, it’s going to have to be the canals. I’m not really one for canals, I’m pretty sure Birmingham has more canals then Venice. I used to live there and never once opted for a romantic walk down the Coventry canal tow path if I’m honest. Venice is probably slightly more scenic then Birmingham and there are countless bridges and buildings to look at if that’s your deal? The architecture and mysterious passage ways do make for an interesting stroll.

Where to stay?
Can’t really help you with this one, we only spent 5 hours in Venice. A quick look at tripadvisor is showing lots of hotels available and I’m sure if you don’t mind staying on the mainland you’ll be able to find somewhere to suit all budgets.

What to drink?
Presecco. As Our entire trip to Venice lasted for only 5 hours, 4 of these were spent drinking a lot of prosecco. It was a pretty great time but can take a huge chunk out of your wallet, make sure to wander a little bit away from Piazza San Marco to find some reasonably priced bars.

What to eat?
Gelato. The ice cream in Venice is something that they can be particularly proud of. If you’re not a fan of ice cream you can always get the pasta?

Top Tip.
Venice wasn’t really the place for me, to be honest we only went there as it was the cheapest place to fly to from Ibiza. It is a pretty place, with quite a lot to see but seems to me to be a place designed to siphon your monies. The best thing I can recommend if you are on a budget is to make sure you research the place thoroughly. Use tripadvisor and other travellers forums to find the best deals and prices.