Destinations: Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia.

What to see?                                                                                                                                               

Museums. Museums and churches. Museums, churches and streets. Those are your 3 main choices in Zagreb as far as I found. The museums are very factual, the churches are very religious and the streets are filled with booze. Makes for an interesting if slightly odd day at least! If I was to narrow it down to one of each I suppose it would be  the museum of broken relationships, which is pretty cool. Tkalciceva street which is full of bars and life and this really impressive church the name of which escapes me.

There’s also a market that sells “I ❤️ Croatia” t-shirts if that’s your bag.

Where to stay?

Zagreb is a bustling city with plenty of accommodation options available. If you feel like a change of pace and by this point of my travels I did, I can highly recommend a place on Airbnb. The apartment is modern, fully equipped and is in a great location in the countryside. The city centre is 30 minutes away on foot and there are great transport links practically on the doorstep.

Where to eat?

As I stayed in a fully furnished apartment I didn’t really eat out, there are a few restaurants near the apartment that served cheap and tasty food. In the city centre you will really be spoilt for choice and can find pretty much any kind of food you can think of.

Where to drink?

Tkalciceva street is a hub of life in Zagreb, there must be at least 20 or 30 places to eat and drink at all sorts of prices. As the street is aimed at the trendy and tourists expect to pay more here than you would in other parts of the city. Croatia produces a number of beers that you should try if you’re that way inclined including Tomislav, Ožujsko and Karlovačko. For something to keep the cold out try a few Croation Rakia, only a few mind.

Top tip.

Don’t over do it on the Rakia. Validate your ticket on the tram or risk a fine. If you need new shoes you will surely find them in one of the many, many shoe shops.