Digital Nomad Jobs – Learning the lingo



Digital Nomad Jobs – Learning the local lingo

Whilst you can digitally nomad your way around the world not speaking any language other than your own, you might (probably most definitely will) find it a more rewarding experience knowing at least a little bit of the local language. There are many ways you can go about learning a few words or phrases to get you by but one of the best I’ve come across lately is italki.

The service italki offers is simple. They help you find a personal online tutor for language lessons. Receiving lessons from native speakers is an ideal way to learn other languages as it allows you the opportunity to listen to actual, 100% authentic (insert language of choice) speakers. The service is remarkably cheap in comparison to some online courses and individual, hourly lessons can cost as little as 6 Euro. There are a huge number of tutors on italki so I would be very surprised if you couldn’t find one to teach you the language you’d like to learn.

As well as being for beginners italki is also very useful for people who are studying for exams or wishing to learn how to communicate in a business setting. The flexibility of italki means that you should always be able to fit in a lesson at a time to suit you and as everything can be done over your phone or tablet you can learn anywhere.

Visit the link below, sign up, take one lesson and earn yourself 100 free italki credits which should be enough for the second lesson to be free!