Digital Nomad Jobs: Online Translator

How to become an online translator!

For a successful career as an online translator you will need:

Language skills – knowledge of more than one language is obviously essential in this role! It is not just an ability to speak and read the languages that you require, you will also need an understanding of tone, usage, intention, slang and expression. Experience is key to starting a successful career as an online translator and a great way to get some is to try and find volunteer work for local charities/schools etc.Istanbul, Turkey

Attention to detail is a very important skill required as an online translator – you must know exactly where to dot the I’s and cross the T’s! Punctuation, grammar and spelling in both languages are crucial in this role as mistakes can give a bad impression to existing and potential clients.

Fast, accurate typing skills and basic computer literacy is also important, as translation involves a lot of typing and the potential for a lot of research, so knowing your way around a keyboard can be vital in ensuring swift, accurate service for your clients.

If you have knowledge of a specialist subject (legal practices, business, mechanics etc) this can be a large plus in finding work in niche sectors – and can often pay much better.


Many agencies may require you to be trained to degree level, however you do not necessarily need any formal qualifications to become a freelance translator. If you feel that you would benefit from formal training there are several online courses available to you as well as the option to apply for distance learning courses in the required areas. Should you wish to proceed without formal qualifications then it is a good idea to use your past experience and skills to create a strong CV – and be prepared to show examples of your work to prove your knowledge of both languages. You should include:

  • Relevant training
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Relevant background information

Should you wish to find work with a large company or Government offices, either through freelancing or remote working, you will usually need to be educated to degree level and show excellent practical experience.


The main requirements for the online translator (other than translation skills) is the ability to get online! Therefore it is a must that you have access to a decent computer with word processing software and an internet connection.

Where can I find work online?

There are several websites offering online translation work, with many being free to register. Sites such as offer translation jobs as well as skills tests which can be an excellent way to get yourself noticed. There are several other freelance translation jobsites including:

How much can I earn?

Most freelance translation jobs are paid on a set rate and obviously vary dependent on the scope and complexity of the work – and your experience, command of the language, and any qualifications or specialist knowledge you have. Provided you can find employment and are willing to put the hours in there really is no limit to the amount you can earn.

How well does it suit the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

Becoming a freelance online translator can be tough to begin with but ultimately, it suits the digital nomad lifestyle fairly well. The opportunities, should you wish, to learn and improve new and existing language skills is almost limitless and may well be the inspiration for where you wish to visit next. Translate Egyptian in England or French in Faro? It’s completely up to you!

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