Digital Nomad Jobs – Virtual Receptionist

Digital Nomad Jobs – Virtual Receptionist

How to become a virtual receptionist

If you are planning on living the Digital Nomad lifestyle and are not sure what sort of work you should do, why not try being a virtual receptionist for a while? The role of a virtual receptionist is to answer phone calls for various companies and deal with any issues that may arise. A good way to start on your path to virtual receptionist nirvana is to ask yourself – is the position is right for you? Do you like being on the phone? Are you polite and courteous? Do you like (or are willing to tolerate) working odd hours? Evenings and weekends? If you say yes to all of these (really?) then continue on the journey!

To become a virtual receptionist it is important to have a C.V/resume focused on any previous customer service roles you have had, as the major element of the role potential employers will be eager to see what experience you can bring to the table. Include any instances of problem solving and conflict management, as you may occasionally be faced with an irate consumer! The job will involve entering information in a fast accurate manner so any past experience of this will be well received. When you have constructed your C.V/resume it’s time to apply. Interview stages will vary depending on companies, but be prepared to face some practice calls to test your skills. Employers will want to see how you handle the different elements of the role.

Hopefully now you have the role, congratulations! It is important that you now strictly adhere to company policies in regards to answering calls. There will be several different types of customers requiring several different types of help – you may need to just enter caller A’s details in the system but have to transfer caller B’s call to head office. As more and more companies are using virtual receptionists this role can become more and more varied, as you may be answering questions about bathroom furniture from an angry grandmother at 9.01 and organising repairs to a computer at 9.03.

The role of a virtual receptionist will not be for everyone, however many companies will offer training and enhancement opportunities allowing those who wish the opportunity to make a career of it. Please be aware that the role can become rather stressful as members of the public can be quite hideous at times.


None! Well none really. If you have a good phone manner and are willing to work some fairly unusual hours you are half way there! A virtual receptionist is essentially the same as its analogue counterpart, so any relevant previous experience will be a boost to your employment chances. This is, however, not essential as several companies run training programs and offer 24/7 online support for you to call on. Attention to detail and accurate, fast typing skills are a plus, but these are skills that you can improve on at home through tests easily found through a quick online search.

A working knowledge of office based software may be necessary, and specifically knowledge of excel and word can be advantageous to show off on your C.V. As the formal qualifications list is fairly short it is important that you understand the role and are comfortable answering the phone, working without supervision and can remain calm and composed. In any customer service role it is vital to be polite and friendly.


Pretty straight forward as you would imagine, you will need:


1 computer/laptop

1 microphone headset

1 decent internet connection

1 (possibly) phone number, worldwide sim cards included

1 place to work from for a continued period


A professional phone manner

A friendly personality


Where to find work online?

There are several places to look online for virtual receptionist jobs including:

Try getting in touch directly with major companies such as

It is also useful to look in local papers and on local internet job sites relative to your location.

How much to charge?

Unfortunately you are not going to have to much say in this, if you work for a major company you are going to be pretty limited on what you can ask for, although progression will lead to increased wages. The going rate for virtual receptionists isn’t fantastic but can be enough to supplement an existing income or provide some pocket money.

How well does it suit the Digital Nomad lifestyle?

This is probably a role better suited for the nomad that wants to spend a month or two at a time in one country or time zone. I can’t imagine anything less fun then having to wake up at 4am in Australia to answer calls from Derek in Digbeth about his new toilet. You will be able to do it if you are super committed but I would personally see a position like this a temporary one, just don’t mention that in your interview! The financial side may be a downside as to make a living wage you will have to put in many hours which means you are missing out on the adventure of Digital Nomading. As I have previously stated, this job would suit those with either an existing income or savings looking to supplement more than someone looking for a living wage.