Digital Nomads – Afraid to Fly Solo?


Leaving your friends, family and home town behind to travel the world alone can be a big step for many potential digital nomads, big enough even to put some off going at all. Travelling alone might not sound like your ideal idea of fun but fortunately you’re not the first digital nomad to feel this way! Your predecessors with their computer savvy skills and clever business acumen have created many ways for you to travel the world and meet like-minded people along the way.
Below is a brief short-list of a few sites that I have either used or been told of that are great for making new acquaintances, friends or maybe a nomad soul mate?

#nomads – #nomads is a relatively small, but growing group which aims to ‘kill lonely together’. #nomads is a chat group which lets you connect immediately with other digital nomads in your city of choice and meet up with them and locals to hopefully have a great time! There is a $65 sign up fee which isn’t to steep as it offers you lifetime membership to #nomads, nomadlist, nomadforum and nomadtrips. 4,000 other digital nomads are currently registered members so chances are you’ll find someone you get along with. The website has all of the numbers, figures and features you need to know before you decide to join, it’s well worth 5 minutes of your day to take a look.

Meetup – Meetup is a great site that you can use to find groups and meet ups near to your current (temporary) location. I’ve written, very briefly. About meetup before but since then I have met a few people who have used it and have had good things to say. You can search by either location or date and it looks to me like you’d be hard pushed to find a day without something to do. There are meet ups covering all topics from business talks to language learning as well as the obvious drinks and dancing. The type and number of meet ups are obviously shaped by the city you are in and how far you’d like to travel but if your touching down in one of the major/minor cities of the world you should have no problems at all.

Find A Nomad – Find a Nomad is a bit different as it’s not a traditional community. Once you have joined you create a profile and are then able to sift through the other members to find like-minded people to reach out to. There a quite a few features on this site which are either really cool or quite a bit stalker-ish depending on your view. It’s a great way to see if people you might already know or quite like to know will be in that particular place you want to visit at that particular time. Find a Nomad lets you see where people will be and when up to a year in advance. The member list is still relatively small but it’s free to join and well worth looking at.

Where My Nomads At – Where my nomads at is very similar to find a nomad. The interface is very easy to navigate and it’s free to join so you may as well have a look.

Reddit Digital Nomad page – This page can be a bit hit and miss but there are over 16,000 readers at the time of writing so hopefully someone out there will be able to answer some questions about meeting people at least.

Speak Nomad – Speak nomad is a small community of just under 300 members who swap stories, knowledge, ideas and beating loneliness. It’s also free.

Hopefully through these sites any of you that are currently of on your digital nomad trails might be able to connect with others on your wavelength. Likewise, if anyone reading this isn’t sure about making the step hopefully looking at these sites can help you realise that the world isn’t all that bad and lonely! Finding company on your travels is getting easier everyday and I’m sure that any solo digital nomad/potential digital nomad won’t be lonely for long.

If you know any other good places to meet new people let us know in the comments below.