Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps

Ground control to nomad Tom. Commencing travelling, rucksack on..

That’s pretty lame, I’m aware, I just needed something to start me off writing about useful apps for the Digital Nomad. Given that the majority of people now own smartphones and tablets it’s pretty easy to create and carry your own ground control with you all over the world. Over the next few posts I will be trying to put together a (semi) comprehensive list offering the discerning Digital Nomad (you), a choice of apps to help you on your travels.


Flight search/Booking.

Provided you know where you are going you need to find a way to get there. It can be really time consuming and mind numbingly dull. I don’t like doing it. Maybe you do? Anyway, below are a few apps designed to take the effort out of flight shopping.

Skyscanner – Available on all platforms Skyscanner is a decent way to quickly find and book flights from pretty much anywhere in the world. The app is free but can be upgraded to an ad free version for a nominal fee. Over 35 million people have downloaded Skyscanner and as it is available in over 30 languages you are likely to find one you can read! As well as checking flights you may have planned for Skyscanner offers a unique ‘Everywhere’ search function to give you inspiration.

JetRadar – An alternative to Skyscanner, JetRadar is another way to search and book flights through your mobile device. This app checks over 700 airlines, 5 booking systems and 35 travel agencies to ensure you get the cheapest price possible. JetRadar has easy to use search filtering and allows you to check prices in many different currencies. Available on Apple and Android.

Momondo – Does the same as the two listed above, it does look a lot cooler though. Momondo has a sleek and easy to use interface and searches hundreds of airlines including low cost carriers. Available on Apple and Android.

SeatGuru by TripAdvisor – As you would expect with an app designed by TripAdvisor this app gives you reviews. Reviews and pictures of seats! Must be helpful to some people I’m sure. Along with the in-depth reviews of seats you can search and book flights with all the major and minor airlines you’d expect. Well worth a look. Available on Apple and Android

Should you not wish to fly or are in mainland Europe looking to get from Hungary to The Czech Republic consider using an app like Rome2Rio, this app is an all encompassing goliath that will search plane, train and bus sites nearly wherever you are in the world to plan your itinerary for you. As well as checking the many different ways of travelling open to you Rome2Rio allows you to check prices, connections and the duration of the journey in a quick and easy manner. Available on Apple and Android.

The budget airlines in Europe all seem to have apps specific to their flights so you may wish to go directly to the provider, these include, easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2 and Wizz Air.

Checking your flights.

If you are all booked in it’s time to go and time to stress that you might miss your flight or it’s delayed, at least now you can find out for yourself instead of waiting for the dreaded board change. If you have ever fancied being an air traffic controller the following apps can all give you the chance to live that dream!

Flightradar24 – Has more features than a James Bond car, includes flight info, weather conditions, easy search options, plane identification system and a hi-tech ‘see what the pilot is seeing’ feature. That sounds pretty space age to me, in app purchases apply and the original cost is $2.99. Has fantastic reviews on the app store. Available on Apple and Android.,-74.01/7

FlightAware Flight Tracker – Allows you to track flights in real time as above, does seem to have noticeably less feature but it is free with an ad removal option available to purchase. This app has very mixed reviews, it seems you either love it or you hate it. I think I’d rather pay the $2.99 for something I can trust. Available on Apple and Android.

FlightView Elite – Also available as a free version. FlightView Elite allows you to track flights, check delays, view arrivals and departures. Just like the other two really! Available on Apple and Android.

FlightBoard – For the more retro amongst you, take a look at FlightBoard. Based on the boards at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris it really is a thing of beauty. At $2.99 and with no other hi-tech features it may not be for everyone, but it is really quite special to look at. Available on Apple and Android.

There are many, many, many options for you to choose from, these are just a few that I have used before and have been impressed with. Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Next time we will be looking at accommodation apps.