Digital Product Creation

Digital Product Creation.

What can you do as a digital nomad if you don’t wish to freelance? Can you make the lifestyle work for you? How can you make residual income? Why not consider creating a digital product?

Digital product creation can be a great way to fund your travels and lifestyle. If you choose to take this path it’s probably a good idea to save, save and save a bit more before you set of on your adventures just to give you that little bit of backup should everything not quite take off straight away. The key to digital product creation is deciding on the type of product you wish to create! There are many options available to you depending on your interests and skills, ranging from e-books for the budding Dickens’s amongst you, to recipes from any potential Michelin star winners. Below we will list/review and evaluate several ideas which will hopefully offer you advice, guidance and potentially inspiration for that aspiring digital nomad dream.

Ps. I’m writing this taking it as a given that any potential digital nomads reading will be taking a laptop or tablet with them.

E-books – We have mentioned e-books before on the site so I’ll keep it brief here. E-books are now a global phenomenon, personally I prefer traditional paper and ink but am not too far stuck in my ways to not appreciate the use and practicality of this product. As phones have now become mini computers chances are nearly everyone in the internet world will have access to some form of e-reader, why not make the most of this and try your hand at writing something someone will want to read. Your book can basically be about absolutely anything, why not a fiction story about a boy wizard (I think that’s been done mind) or an exciting, thrilling history of vases from the Ming dynasty? Self help guides, travel guides, how to make money fast? The list is endless, and thankfully so are the sites available for you to sell them on. Amazon, Payhip, Smashwords and Lulu are just a selection of sites which offer free signups and varying levels of royalty payments. As long as you have an idea and are ready to devote some time to advertising there is nothing stopping you having a crack at winning the next big book award or finding yourself topping the New York Times bestsellers list. Happy writing!

Audio books – Maybe you have one of those brilliant voices like the movie trailer guy or John Le Mesurier (one for the Dads Army fans there), if you have and you like the idea of writing an e-book listed above, why not invest a little bit more time and sell it as an audio book as well. There are many software programs available online for free and fees which will give you everything you need, barring a microphone to record and edit your perfect audio book.

Members only websites – Maybe e-books aren’t your style, maybe you have an idea that you think could run for years and years? If you have found that killer diet plan no-one else knows yet or developed a sure fire betting system you wish to share with the world (for a fee of course) then why not set up your own premium content website. If you can commit and create content people will want to read consistently then a website may be ideal for you.

Premium content websites can be a slow starter as you will need a solid base of content to begin with and more importantly people willing to pay to read it, but can ultimately become a great money earner if membership numbers rise and the advertisers take notice. A basic knowledge of web design will be an advantage although there are sites out there offering tutorials. Popular hosting sites such as iPage, Fatcow and Bluehost offer varying tools and storage space, the choice will ultimately come down to what you want your website to do, research will be key in deciding which host suits you best. Website hosting has become pretty outrageously cheap which can make it an ideal low cost risk venture for potential digital nomads. We use Bluehost – they’re cheap and reliable.

Recipes/food blog – If you fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsay (best of luck you f*****r) or maybe Nigella Lawson if you prefer less profanity in your profiteroles why not try your hand at publishing digital recipes on sites like or even on a dedicated food blog. Creating a food blog can (potentially) offer you a unique chance to eat and earn your way around the world! If you are a fast travel nomad spending a week or two in one place why not create a blog offering recipes from around the world, Marrakesh meatballs or Pisa pizza? For a different approach why not try giving detailed reviews for future nomads following in your jet streams? Found a great place for cheap food in China, tell others, build a following and look to develop opportunities for ad revenue online. A working knowledge of internet business sense will be useful here, although if you have the patience you can (I’ve seen it done) teach yourself with a couple of well placed online searches. This digital product may take awhile to take off but ultimately can be rewarding, you may even get such a following and online presence that a few free meals might come your way! (Fingers crossed).

Stock images – If a picture is worth a thousand words you may as well try and make it worth a few pounds. If you have a keen eye for a beautiful, interesting photo why not sign up with a site such as istockphoto and sell your pictures online? If you’re on a safari in Africa and spot a lion high fiving a zebra, snap a picture and I guarantee that I personally will buy a digital copy to use somewhere. Stock images can be of (within reason) anything that you think people may wish to use, seen a great burger someone might want to use a picture of? Snap a photo. Why not? Registration on istock is free and easy and will hopefully open up endless possibilities of work for you. The world is full of unique photo opportunities and the digital nomad will have more of a chance of getting those once in a lifetime photos than someone sat in a 9-5 office in Wales.

Apps – If you have an idea and a working knowledge of how to create an app I have just two words for you. Flappy bird. I will confess to having no idea at all of how to create an app, how it’s published or how it’s sold. It does seem to make people lots of money though so best of luck if you do!

Sewing/knitting pattern selling – You may be more artistically gifted and have a love of designing and creating sewing patterns, if so why not try and turn this talent into a money maker. Sites such as offer you the opportunity to sell your patterns without taking a fee from you. Providing you know how to do it and people will be likely to buy it there really is nothing stopping you crocheting your way to success.

Videos – If you have a decent camera phone or other hi tech recording equipment why not try and become the next YouTube sensation. I’m not advocating daft stunts or hideous flash mobs, they’re pretty past it now to be fair but travel documentaries or instructional videos aren’t. If you’re a surfing nomad why not share your skills on how to catch that wave and hang five or whatever it’s called. Travel docs are a great way of showing the world (showing off) what it’s missing and if you can gain a good following advertising money should soon be coming your way allowing you to show off that little bit more in the future!

This list is by no means comprehensive but I figure it’ll give you an idea at least on various ways to make money whilst seeing the world. Heck, since I’ve done the research I’ve given myself quite a few ideas! Mainly about a badger story..

Anyhow, best of luck and best of travels.