DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 9.

‘There are fewer more distressing sights than that
of an Englishman in a baseball cap’

*And the song the lyric comes from.

Hello again. Welcome to issue 9 of the digital nomad jobs newsletter, More Nomad News from Nowhere. Once again I have painstakingly spent (a bit) of the week trying to find some interesting articles, pictures, tunes, recipes and anything else to help you through a final working day of the week (maybe? I hope it is). So yes, take your time, peruse at your leisure and hopefully enjoy this weeks best bits. Cheers.

Well, these jobs for digital nomads and remote workers won’t fill themselves. You’ll need to do them a favour and apply. You can, and should, do that here, here, and here. Happy job hunting.

I spend a lot of time telling you why all digital nomads should visit Portugal. I figure you might be getting a bit sick of that now. So, without straying too far from my comfort zone you can read why you should visit Spain as a digital nomad here!

OK, fair enough, that was cheating a little bit, you should probably check out a few more options before committing to Lisbon. A pros and cons of France can be and should be, read here.

If you would like to nomad it up in Germany you’ll probably want to think of Berlin.

Europe is fun, but so are a lot of places. For instance Medellin, Columbia sounds pretty freaking cosmic.

And, if you think Italy is the place to be, have a read here. I’ll post more guides to specific cities and countries in the coming weeks, so look out for them and also, if you can recommend a specific digital nomad friendly city please let me know and I’ll share it with the world! Well, the masses Well, the readers. All 2 of them.

Being a traveling worker sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You might think that there are many downsides (personally, I tend to agree) but fortunately, there is always someone available to burst your bubble! This link spells out 5 reasons why the digital nomad lifestyle might not be the right option for you.

Digital Nomad Resources. Does what you’d it expect it to and does it well. ALso, the website that it comes from is also quite great, you should check out Nomadic Notes.

Song of the week, number 2. This is a good one, promise.

This is quite an interesting piece on how a shift towards remote working could help solve the tech gender pay gap. Living with a female techie nomad I know it’s something that she is passionate about and maybe you should be too.

It’s not 1 but 2 recipes this week. Both for paella but you do get a choice. Chicken or Fish (with chicken in)? I’ve made both, I’m greedy. They are both pretty scrumptious in my humble opinion.

The Barenaked Ladies once wrote a pretty genius song called ‘One Week’. This digital nomad has written an article called 4 Thoughts About the Digital Nomad Lifestyle After 1+ Year. Look, Neither the title or the article are anywhere near being as catchy as the song but it’s still worth 10 minutes of your time.

Come forth my liberal leftie, Guardian reading friends. For now is our time to shine! If you are (for some inexplicable reason) currently on or preparing for a road trip of the UK read this. Maybe driving through incredibly busy cities and towns, whilst paying a small fortune for petrol isn’t your idea of a fun time. Maybe you’d prefer Eastern Europe on a budget. I know I would. Travel photo of the week? Sounds/looks good to me.

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You can also find us* on facebook and twitter. Both of which will be becoming more active in the next few days as I finally think I’ve figured out how to use them properly!
*I don’t know why I keep referring to Digital Nomad Jobs as us. It’s really just me now. That’s why it’s a little bit disjointed. Rest assured that I am working these kinks out even as we speak. Well, you read.

Anyhows, that will be that for today. I hope you’ve managed to find something in here that has sparked an interest or killed some time for you at least. Happy weekend-ing doing whatever it is you’ll be doing. Take it easy and have fun. Till next week. Laters.