DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 10

Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 10.

Wotcher digital nomads. Apologies for the slight delay again. I managed to break my laptop back last week and am currently running on a reserve one very kindly donated to Digital Nomad Jobs by one of our biggest followers. My Mother (thanks Jean!). Anyway, the show must go on. So here it goes.

I’m optimistic enough to think that this laptop will run and run for years and years to come. I’m realistic enough to know that this laptop will probably break next Friday. Basically, I’m going to need to buy a new laptop at some point. Unfortunately I’m a bit technologically ignorant in this field. I need some help. If you can recommend a moderately good laptop to me that would be great. Otherwise I will have to resort to using articles like this one about the best travel laptops for digital nomads. It actually looks really rather informative though, you might want to look yourself if you are in the same boat as me.

It was pointed out to me last week that I have been using a link on the website that currently doesn’t meet Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Which basically means that it is not usable by people with certain visual impairments. Fortunately I am able to correct that. The new link (which is a web hosting review page) can be found here and is now a part of the original article here. Thank you to Karla Weise for bringing that to my attention.

Help yourself to a better future by applying for some of the latest and greatest digital nomad jobs here. Or over here. Alternatively, you can always have a look at this list I created, just for you. It’s a 4 parter!

Think being poor is the worst thing in the world? I think it kind of is but according to this guy, it can also be the best time to travel. I’m not entirely convinced but I am a cynic. Have a look for yourself and see if it works for you.
Think quitting your job to become a digital nomad is the best thing in the world? I think it kind of is but according to this guy, it can be the worst idea ever. I’m not entirely convinced but I am a cynic. Have a look for yourself and see if it works for you.

Big news for any digital nomads that fancy living in Thailand for a while. You can now apply for a ‘smart visa’ with a 4 year duration. Much better than having to renew it every 90 days. You can learn more about that here.

I’ve never been to Malta before but I just image searched it and it looks quite nice. You should do that. If that whets your appetite to live and work there you should read this guide to living in Malta. Then you should send me a postcard. I appreciate that sort of thing.

Maybe you fancy life in the Southern hemisphere? Cape town? Read all about it here.

I’m a vegetarian now! For one week and for reasons I’m still not entirely sure of. I think it has something to do with wine, wanting to lose weight, healthiness and more wine? I can’t really recall but I said it so I’ll have to stick with it. Unfortunately, I still like food that tastes good so I had to try to find some winning vegetarian recipes that contain flavour and goodness. I succeeded. You too can become a vegetarian for a week and enjoy yourself by making any of these fantastic recipes. Recipe 1: Avocado tacos. Recipe 2: Green burgers. Recipe 3: Grilled and filled flatbread. Recipe 4: Roasted sprouts.

Song of the week 1.

Song of the week 2.
You can get the album ‘The Boxer’ from Amazon for about £6. You probably should.

Summer is still here, you might be on holiday? You might be in Greece? If you are you should almost certainly try to find one of the 10 best beach bars there. Have a few beers and conjure up some striking mental images of all of those fantastic Greek myths and legends*.
*This is a little odd but does anyone remember that episode of the fantastic cartoon Recess where Gus Griswald wanted to be cool and stopped wearing his glasses. Obviously, he couldn’t see anything and one day in class they had to write an essay on the Greek myths but he misread it as the green mints. Much hilarity ensued. It was genius. 

Female Digital Nomads – For Women who build empires and travel the world. 
I tried to find ‘Male Digital Nomads’ – For Men who build empires and travel the world but it doesn’t exist. Feel free to Google your favourite ‘manly’ thing at this point. Maybe cars or a steak?

And there we go, another weekly dose of various things I like! I hope you can find something of interest among it all. Have a cosmic week. Take it easy.`