DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 13.

Hello and welcome to the hopefully not unlucky for some thirteenth issue of Nomad News from Nowhere. Here you will find some of the latest and greatest links to articles (mostly) relating to all things digital nomad. As always you will be treated to some choice culinary delights and one or two of the songs that I can’t currently get out of my head.

I had my own little piece of misfortune this week when everyone’s favorite digital nomad cat Margarida/Margy/Geets/Geesty went on a little over night adventure. I was up all hours of the night looking all over the village for the horrible little git. Needless to say, I missed out on a lot of sleep that night and was in the process of calling the police/alerting Interpol/making a poster * the next morning when her majesty sauntered down the outside stairs and across the patio. The air turned blue as I expressed my gratitude that she had come home whilst she looked at me with a ‘yeah, what’s it got to do with you?’ look. Anyway, despite being a little hungry and thirsty she is fine. Annoying, but fine.
*I only did one of these things.

Get a job. Get a job now.
We work remotely. Do you?
Remote OK. I said OK?
Europe Remotely.

The things you should read.
Now I don’t really like things with the word die in the title. I can often be a sensitive soul and it usually fills me with an inescapable sense of dread. I don’t think I fear my own mortality, it’s probably more likely that I have had one glass too many of wine and have a case of the sads or the fear. Still, this newsletter isn’t for my benefit so I must persevere for you, my loyal readers. All two of you. This is a pretty good article listing the 5 digital nomad tropes that need to d*e.

I have no inclination to have children. Personally, I don’t think the world needs a creation that’s half of me running around in it and on a completely selfish level, I think a child might cramp my style a little. However, you might want to have a child and still live like a digital nomad. ‘Can it be done? I hear you cry, well I don’t know, but the good people at Nappy-nomad seem to think it can be. If you are interested in learning more about having a baby and traveling the world you should read the blog here.

We could all use some tips on how to make the most of our travels right? I think so.

I don’t fly very well. I detest everything about the whole experience. This coming Wednesday I am flying from Portugal to Scotland. It only takes 3 and a bit hours but my word, what a horrific 3 and a bit hours they will be. I can only imagine the sheer torture a long haul flight must be. If you have a long flight coming up and would like to know some top tips to make it bearable you can read them here. If you are reading those then you might as well read this very informative article on how to avoid jet lag. Remember, jet lag can kill (a day or two of your holiday).

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam to do whatever it is you tourist digital nomads do in Amsterdam you might want to do it soon. Plans are afoot to increase the tourist tax as there are just too many of you taking up too much space and smoking/eating/ingesting all of their legal drugs*.
*Probably. I am in no way implying that you are a drug user, not that there is anything wrong with that if you are (if it’s legal). Which you might be, I just don’t know.

We all love a tech list, especially when your laptop overheats and shuts itself off every 45 minutes. I am still looking for one because I have to be sure but this comparison list is pretty cosmic. If you need a laptop that won’t let you down have a look.

City Guides.
Who doesn’t love a bit of house, techno, grime and hip-hop music in Paris? Well, me actually, still I am not you and I am not in Paris. If you are a massive ‘fan of those musical genres who happens to be in Paris’ you might want to visit one of the 10 best clubs as chosen by the experts.

Romania. That is all.

This isn’t a city guide but a beach one. There seems to be some pretty amazing beaches in Croatia. You should go.

Food and Drink.
Where I live the weather is still ridiculous. It’s far too hot to handle without a cool refreshing drink. Lemonade is that drink. It takes a bit of time but it’s super refreshing.

You might be living somewhere a little chillier? If you need to keep the cold at bay in the evenings try this smoky vegetable chilli.

Or for something simple try Nigel’s sausage. It comes with fennel.

Oh, this is shameless self-promotion for a friend and it is not really relevant to anything other than the fact that I’ve put on some weight over the summer and would like to lose it fairly sharpish. If you would like to calculate how many calories you need to eat to lose weight in a specific time you can do it here at the ultimate weight loss calculator. It’s free. I mean, personally, I don’t really care how heavy you are, I just know that I am in danger of getting fat like a house unless I take some action. Also, I know how fattening the recipes I list here are, trust me, I know.

Song 1

Song 2

And finally.
I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.
Michael Scott, The Office.
If, like the great man quoted above, you are a little stitious and feel the need to ward off any potential bad luck brought to you by the number 13 in this issue you can find some simple good luck charms here. If you are incredibly un-stitious but find the rituals interesting you can read about 14 good luck superstitions from around the world here. It’s a little more relevant to digital nomad life.

Right, there we go, that’s that, done and dusted, nothing more to see here. Have a fantastic week doing all things digital nomad. I am hoping to have some brand new, original content coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then you can find us on the FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. Get in touch, send us some pictures, whatever you want. Best one wins my eternal gratitude and a massive mental high-five.

Take it easy.