DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 14.

Hello one and all (2) to the latest edition of everyone’s favourite sporadical periodical. Once again bringing you a collection of eclectic things that I have either enjoyed, read, thought might be useful, found, was given, heard or ate. I hope you enjoy that strange mix.

Get a Job. Get a job now.
Head to StackOverflow to quench your thirst for remote developer jobs.
Last week I was in Scotland and saw a portrait of Annie Lennox. To celebrate that entirely unrelated incident you should find a job at AngelList. Then, when you have found your fantastic dream job you should celebrate by listening to this pretty top tune by The Eurythmics as a sort of thanksgiving service to Ms Lennox and that other dude, er. David A Stewart.
Down with analogue work, up with digital work. Upwork.*
*I’m usually a bit snooty about Upwork, I still am, this is just to assuage my rising guilt levels. They’re not really all that bad, you can still make a decent living through the platform if you are good.

The things you should read.
I think that I missed the memo detailing all the written rules regarding digital nomad life. Unless this website counts as them and I am in charge. Do I make the rules now? Wow, that’s pretty cosmic. Everyone is to have the afternoon off, it is written. I suppose that if you don’t want to follow the man that writes the written rules (me), you could follow the woman who has written down the unwritten rules of digital nomad life.*
*Though they can’t be unwritten rules now that they are written down right? How would that work? How does any of this work? Basically I just really wanted a way to fit a Peep Show quote on this page and I have opened the door to allow myself to do it. It’s from Series 4, episode 3. You should watch it.
‘Excuse me, Eva. We’re out of juice. 
Right, but you have had a lot of juice. There is an unwritten rule about drinking all the complimentary juice. 
Still, if it’s unwritten. We do need more juice.’

I have to pay a tax bill by the end of the month. I don’t want to pay the tax bill but due to it being ‘the law’ and the fact that I was foolish enough to hire an inept Portuguese accountant whose name I won’t be revealing (rhymes with Jaulo) I have to. It’s not really a massive bill, I’m not a wealthy man but still, it stings a little. Anyway, if you are looking for ways to avoid/evade* the tax man you could do a lot worse than reading this article on how digital nomads can save big on taxes.
*Digital Nomad Jobs does not endorse tax avoidance. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You don’t see the good people at Amazon or Starbucks pulling this sort of stunt.

There were 9 life lessons you learn as a digital nomad
hanging on the wall
9 life lessons you learn as a digital nomad
hanging on the wall
and if 1 life lesson you learn as a digital nomad should accidentally fall,
There’ll be this. This article about 8 life lessons you learn as a digital nomad. It’s not on a wall. It’s on a web page.

A few weeks ago I linked to a few articles regarding productivity in the workplace. This one is a new one on me but apparently, intermittent fasting can be a great way to get the mind focused on all the jazz that you need to get done. Now I’m a bit of a ‘foodie*’ so I think the only time I will intermittently fast is when I’m asleep but if you want to give it a whirl, whirl away here.
*Not in that ‘Oh, yeah I’m a foodie, Don’t you just love sun-dried quails egg with avocado and a unicorn tears jus’. I’m a foodie in a ‘Yeah, I’m pretty hungry again now, let’s get some chips in.’ Basically, I’m a bit greedy.

Inspiration comes in many forms, it could be a dream, it could be a book, it could be a sunset. You might find your muse in the laughter of a child, the smile of a stranger or the caress of a lover. Maybe it will come to you as a song, a bird, a picture of a pretty cat or one of those weird inspirational posters you see? Failing all of that you might find it in this list of how 22 digital nomads make money online.

This is quite a blunt and depressing title for an article. ‘Can a couple live the digital nomad life together or is it doomed to fail? If you are keen to know whether they can or not, have a read. *SPOILER ALERT* Yes, yes they can.

If for whatever reason your digital nomad romance didn’t work out (take a minute here, let it all out) you might want another shot at love and what better way to do it as a digital nomad than digitally. You can find 7 apps for digital dating here.

This article is a little bit old but is still pretty useful for anyone wondering what to do with their remote work career.

City Guides.
Las Palmas is in Spain. Spain, when not using its police to brutalize its citizens, is actually a really nice place to be and is very close to Portugal. If you think you might want to try the Spanish lifestyle for a while why not read up on the experiences of someone who has been before you. Here.

I really like Barcelona. Don’t let the current events put you off. It really is top-notch.

Why is Cambodia a trending destination for digital nomads?

There’s just one more thing, sir!
Yes, finally, I’ve been wanting to write about this for ages. I love the man, the show is fantastic, he is the reason I moved to Budapest. I like his hair and his dog and how he always makes you think he’s an idiot but nope, he’s not, he’s just playing you for a fool. My favourite episode is the one where he…. Wait, what? Oh, Colombo, not Columbo. Oh, well that’s a little bit disappointing. Er, Ok. Well, I guess if you want to go to Colombo and not binge watch Columbo you should read one of these guides to Sri Lanka. Still, if you get to Colombo and want to binge watch Columbo you might be able to do it at any one of these best working spots for digital nomads in Colombo.

Food and Drink.
Vegetarian meal of the week comes to you as a curry. It’s quick, idiot proof and really hits that spicy spot.

If you’re in more of a carnivorous mood try this lemon chicken breast. It’s zesty.

I’m feeling supersonic. Give me gin and tonic. Much like the band that wrote those hard-hitting, thought-provoking lyrics, this is incredibly simple.


It would appear that the man is becoming more and more like one of those ‘celebrities’ that have opinions for money and shock value but when he was good, he was good.

And finally.
A few for you today. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this far.
Secondly, if you believe that the future is vegan tell the world with a t-shirt from otheradventures.net. Not only are they ethical, they are also pretty freaking stylish. I am not a vegan but if I was I would probably wear the t-shirt.
Thirdly, remember to get in touch if you have anything to share with your fellow digital nomads, you can email me at [email protected] or you can try the Facebook or Twitter pages.

There’s just one more, one more thing, sir! If you would like to read more about Columbo you can do it here.

Have a cosmic week.