DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 16.


Guess who’s back? Back again, Tomgli’s back. Tell a friend*.
*No, for real, I could do with the traffic, this website makes about 7p a month. I do this out of……. Er….. Love for you all? Nope, that’s creepy. I do this out of dedication to the digital nomad way of life…. Hahahahaha, nope, that’s not it either. I do it as a human being that has had several terrible jobs and was fortunate enough to make it out in one piece. I hope that you too can make it out of a humdrum existence. The 7 pence is just an added bonus!

Todays Digital Nomad Jobs is vaguely sponsored by my current liking of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s nearly Halloween, I can get away with it. If you’ve never seen it the next paragraph will make no sense and even if you have seen it I’m not convinced it will. Still, I enjoy writing it.

Hello and welcome my unconventional conventionists. It’s been a while since your last issue and I can sense you all shivering with antici –


The reason for the lateness of my latest update is that I have been awfully busy helping some good friends of mine at their eco-retreat just outside of Pedrogao Grande. It’s called Dragonfly Valley and if you ever need a break from stressful digital nomad life you should 100% visit. I would recommend a night or two in the yurt. It does wonders for your peace of mind. Also, they have a copy of the board game Nostalgia down there. I am the current champion. My week(ish) there was brilliant. I ate nutritious, high protein, I got fresh eggs, tried to build up my shoulders, my chest arms and legs. Such an effort but I knew of my plan. Anyway, prepare to give yourself over to absolute pleasure, take Charles Atlas by the hand and read (this is a stretch) the articles that over the past seven days, can make you a Nomad.

To do list. Get employed.
This has given me far more joy then it has any right too but alas, I’m running with it. Abodoo do do, push pineapple shake the tree, to the left to the right, we’ll all work remotely.
Er, I can’t follow that. Just click here for jobs from Remote Work Hub.
And here for the latest positions from Work Remotely.

What to read.
There used to be a series of old (horrible) British (is there anything we won’t do as a nation to make ourselves look idiotic?) films called ‘Confessions of a’ insert milkman, postman, window cleaner etc. Now, this article isn’t a light-hearted softcore skin flick but it is entitled the confessions of a digital nomad co-working in a foreign country and I have a word count to work to so that laboured intro works for me. Enjoy.

Let this digital nomad explain how to create a life on the road. And when you have done that please get in touch and let me know if I am the only one that thinks a lot of the photos in this article are incredibly badly photoshopped? Maybe I’m just being cynical?

Debra Ball used to wake up at 4 am to act in television commercials*. To read more of this fascinating interview(?) with Debra Ball and other digital nomads who have ditched the 9 – 5 click here.
*Working in television commercials sounds pretty freaking cool. Just me?

Fitter, happier
More productive
Not drinking too much
Regular exercise at the gym, three days a week
Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
At ease
Eating well, no more microwave dinners and saturated fats
A patient, better driver
A safer car, baby smiling in back seat
Sleeping well, no bad dreams
No paranoia.

Been spending most our lives working in Bali’s paradise. My word that song was brilliant when I was 12 years old. Anyway, if you want to watch a video about Bali’s paradise and the digital nomads that live there click on that link. If you would rather watch Michelle Pfeiffer and Coolio be in the same video but not really click here.

Let’s debunk some remote working myths.

I love a bit of melodrama in a title. This is perfect. The Digital Nomad Life. Will It Make Or Break You? I think it’ll probably just be fine but what do I know?

This might be fun if you want to live in a van. It looks like fun anyway.

This isn’t new but here’s a vlog from a 60-year-old digital nomad. Never think you’re too old! Unless you are 31, with a receding hairline, an increasing waistline and an unhealthy obsession with a cat. Then you are me. Then you are too old.

A New Sub Section. Your weekly Leftie Liberal Section! Otherwise known as links to The Guardian.
Top 10 budget Mexican beach hostels, hotels and guesthouses.

Finally, Brexit has a purpose! The weak pound means now is a perfect time to visit the decaying, archaic island I have the displeasure of calling home. Well, TripAdvisor thinks so anyway.

It’s a city guide but it sounds like a spaghetti sauce? Can you tell where it is yet? Bologna.

My word. If you like looking at fantastic photos of far-off lands look no further than this weekly collection of travellers snaps. Be aware. Viewing may cause jealousy and book-flight-itis.

Where to go and what to see.
Just two this week. But they are a good two. Deciding where to go can be a massive ballache/ovary ache*, let booking.com take that stress out of your life with their list of the BEST destinations for digital nomads. I won’t ruin it for you but it includes Romania and Austria. How exciting!
*Is that a thing? I want to be gender neutral but a headache seems so dull and then you have to cater for those people who don’t have heads and you end up with a whole new can of worms then don’t you. It’s political correctness gone mad!

Philipines? Been before? Nope, well this is for you.

Food and Drink.
100% try one of these chicken recipes. A classic pub style Hunters Chicken. Full of decadent cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce or a slightly more cultured hunters chicken stew. Chicken cacciatore.

Of course, there is a vegetarian option. I jest. This issues vegetarian option is a delightful vegetable moussaka. Big thanks to my friends at Dragonfly Valley for putting me on to that one.

If you don’t like either of those options just get a Guinness in you. It’s basically lunch. Plus, you’ll smell like an old man, which is always a bonus.

Weekly Tunes.
Song 1 – Wham! Get some of that in your ears.
Song 2 – My absolute favourite band of the moment. The new album is bliss.
Song 3 – My absolute favourite singer of the moment. All three albums are immense.
Song 4 – Welsh hip hop. Genius.

Gosh, spoilt for choice this week aren’t we.

And Finally.
Right, that’s it my wonderful future wife (sorry folks, I’m a taken guy) is on her way to visit me from rainy but beautiful St Andrews as we speak so I am off to make myself look presentable and all that. Have a cosmic week stay safe. Get in touch via the usual channels if you have anything to say to me or want to be said to the wider digital nomad community. No-one ever does but I like to keep the option open just in case. Oh, before I forget, a massive thanks is due to the 4,832 (I was surprised too) of you that like us on the Facebook. It is muchly appreciated. May your deity of choice bless you on my behalf.

PS. I’ve been threatening it for months but soon, super soon, there will be some cosmic new content coming. Keep your eyes peeled, your finger on the pulse, your ear to the ground etc.