DNJ – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 19.

Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 19.

 Bonjour Monsieur, Bonjour Madame, Bonjour Mademoiselle!

Je me présente, je m’appelle:
Tom Rogers. Je suis Tom Rogers.
Tom c’est mon prénom, Rogers mon nom de famille.

Bonjour, Salut! Comment t’appelles-tu?

Right, that’s the introductions over with. Time for another issue of no everybody’s favourite digital nomad newsletter that originates from Praia Da Luz! This week I have been volunteering for a charity shops collection and delivery round. It’s been good fun seeing some swish houses, meeting some nice people and being rewarded with €13.50 and a KitKat in ‘tips’. Anyway, enough about that. Let’s get to the real reason we are all here.

Where to find a job?
Remote work hub.
Remotely Awesome Jobs.
And if those four don’t remotely interest you in the slightest, have a word with Lara* at larajobs. They have a lara lara jobs**.
*I don’t know if Lara is a real person so you might not actually get to speak to her.
**That is a very bad line that references a British entertainer called Cilla Black. Her regional accent made her something of a national treasure (apparently. We use that term a lot in Britain) and she used to say ‘We’ve had a lorra lorra laughs’. So when I say they have ‘a lara lara jobs’ I am trying to conjure up that connection in the minds of any Cilla Black fans out there reading this, which, admittedly, is probably none***.
***And yes. I am aware that by having had to explain the joke to that degree I should have realised that I shouldn’t have used it. I went too far down the tunnel to turn back. On the plus side, you are all now aware of Cilla Black. She was a national treasure. Never forget.

What to read?
Can you hear that noise? What on Earth could it be? Well, dear friends, it’s the shameless trumpet of self-promotion! Yes. As of today, I have painstakingly brought all 19 issues of Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News From Nowhere together for you on one convenient page! That is (roughly) over 23,000 words from my brain, through my hands, onto the internet and beamed right into your eyes. Have a brilliant weekend!

A while back we ran a guest article on sensible ways to protect your work in any country. Following on from that I have been pointed in the direction of a website called VPNMentor and in particular, an article entitled The 6 best VPN extensions for Google Chrome in 2017. It’s an interesting article and is well worth a read if you want to upgrade your online privacy. You can find the article here.

If you are a fully fledged digital nomad it’s probably safe to say that you have used Airbnb before. It’s a great way to find somewhere you want to stay at a fair price through a trusted company. If you want to learn more about how to make your Airbnb searches even better you should read this well put together article explaining how to find your perfect accommodation. I won’t mention the name of the website just yet because there is more coming from them further down the page, I will let the anticipation build.

You want to manage a startup from anywhere in the world but feel you need 3 tips to get it going? Then go here.

I wanted to put a Kraftwerk song in the article somehow and I found a way to do it! I mean, it’s a bit of a stretch but the song is called The Model and models are fashionable people yeah? Anyway, click here and you can read ‘The Digital Nomad Woman’s Guide to a Fashionable Capsule Wardrobe’. I couldn’t find a dedicated ‘Man’s Guide’ so I thought that I could write one. Then I looked in the mirror and let’s just say, yeah, I’m maybe not the guy to give out style advice. However, if I ever manage to get ‘on-point’ with my threads I’ll be sharing that all with you. In the meantime, you can read my ‘Essential Kit – What does a wanderer need? (analogue edition)’ here.

I love it when websites have missions. Digital Nomad Jobs doesn’t have a mission. That’s probably why I’ve had it for 4 years and I still have to sit here trudging through links, trying to come up with a new style you don’t get from all of your other digital nomad bloggers. So I can stand out from the crowd and try to make a few pennies to buy a crusty loaf of bread and a beer at the end of the week. And do I get any thanks for it? No. Honestly, you people… Ahem, excuse me, I went off somewhere else entirely there. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, missions. DNJ might not have a mission but TheRemoteWorkers do. I won’t go into it here, you can read it in full yourself by clicking the link but basically, they want to build a community of remote workers and they want you to be a part of it. Join the community/gang/club/cult/network/fellowship/society/brotherhood/sisterhood/genderqueerhood here.*
*N.B. I am in no way suggesting that the website is a cult or any of the other words I’ve used up there. It’s just a joke. Also, I’m not 100% on the term genderqueerhood. I can’t find it on Google so I’m pretty sure that means I have made it up. As the creator of the term genderqueerhood, the word is one of solidarity. I bestow it upon everyone to use freely as long as they use it nicely and I apologise unreservedly if I have offended anyone.

What to read from The Guardian?
Following on from last weeks GoT (yeah, no stopping me now) reference, ‘Winter is Coming’. You might as well make the most of it by visiting some beautiful cities and towns. Find out where to spend your evenings drinking mulled wine here.

If you like to winter in the UK you confuse me. Why would anyone do that? It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s expensive, the pubs close early, there’s too many people… Sorry, sidetracked again. I’ll start again. If you like to winter in the UK you might like to consider taking in a festival of light. Find one that illuminates your bulb here.

Any tips on winter sun stays? If you’ve said yes then quick, get your entries into this competition for the chance to win a £200 pound hotel voucher.

Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten
From the Battery to the top of Manhattan
Asian, Middle-Eastern and Latin
Black, White, New York you make it happen”
Right, to be honest, I thought I’d seen an alt guide to New York and decided that I would crowbar a Beastie Boys song in here because 1. It’s a tune and 2. It seemed relevant. Having got the lyrics, found the link, listened to the song (it’s a tune) I went back to the article and found out that is actually for (old) York, Yorkshire. Not New York, New York. Erm, I’m gonna go with it anyway because yeah.

Buenos Aires cafe culture. The pictures.

I like red wine. I like the occasional underdog story. Albania’s red wine story is something of an underdogs tale (or should that be tail #ROFL). Read it and let me know if you have ever had Albanian red wine or, even better, send me some for Christmas!

Where to go?
If you’ve been paying close attention you’ll remember that a while back, right up near the top of this page I said I would be returning to a website previously mentioned and that I would let your anticipation build. Well, it’s time to reveal all. A drumroll please….. StagKissBudapest. A website designed to help you get the most out of your trip to Budapest. I lived in Hungary for about a year and it really is a beautiful place. Budapest is a great city for digital nomads and really should be seen and experienced. StagKissBudapest has some good guides on how to choose the right accommodation, what to do, what to eat and various other ideas for you. Well worth a look if you are planning a visit. The only thing I can see that’s missing is a nod towards the Peter Falk/Columbo statue but nobody’s perfect. Falk Miksa utca 21 | V.th district, Budapest 1055, Hungary in case you wondered.

I have never been to the Baltics. Cool story, I know. Thankfully I am not the one here to give you the travel advice, Eva of Eva Explores is. This is a great article for anyone wishing to visit the Baltics, it’s packed with useful information and is bound to be a great help for anyone wanting to visit that part of the world.

What to eat?
This hasn’t been a good week for me on the ‘eating fewer animals, more vegetables’ front. I have unfortunately discovered that I am absolutely fantastic at making Chinese food. The crispy shredded beef was beyond pure and the lemon chicken was delicious. A simple egg fried rice goes down a treat and is incredibly easy to make. I noticed that if you play around with the sauces in the beef you can easily make it more tangy or spicy or whatever you want really. Sorry animals… If it’s any consolation I am having a vegetarian curry for my tea tonight.

For the vegetarians out there among you, I suggest a veggie feijoada. Perfect for a cold winter’s evening.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, veganité.
deuxième partie

What to drink?
In honour of all of my German friends, it has to be to be Glühwein.
Zu ehren meiner Deutschen freunde muss es sein Glühwein.

What to listen to?
To be honest I might as well have just put links to the whole album. It’s brilliant. You can buy it here.

What else?
Just a thank you to the people who put me on to several new articles this week, it’s always muchly appreciated. Another thanks goes to WestfaliaDigitalNomads and GracefullyExpat for taking last weeks attempt at humour in good stead, I hope you’ve all had cosmic weeks. If anyone mentioned here today wants to say hello or ‘get that link to my site off of that weird collection of words you’ve put up’ please feel free to get in touch through one of the usual channels. We have twitter, facebook or the contact form on the website.

And again, Freelance Launch. Boldly go where several thousand others have been before.