Keep calm and stay dry.

Last week we had a quick look at the best rain jackets available, and how to choose the one best suited to you, in our ‘Spring into Europe’ article. Since then it struck me that it’s all well and good having a dry body and mind whilst you are out adventuring, but what about your stuff? As a digital nomad, you’ll need to make sure that everything you need to work and live, is dry, safe and ready to go. Pretty much all outdoor activities carry a risk of getting wet, from the simple dampness of an early morning hike to the ‘My word, these rapids are biblical!’ soaking of a kayak adventure.

Any bag will do, right?

Wrong! You need a bag that is up to the task. The fundamental piece of equipment for 99.9% of digital nomads is a laptop. As you might know, they don’t usually mix well with water. It’s pretty key that if you are taking part in outdoor pursuits, you at least get a good quality waterproof bag for your electronics. Alongside that, you might want to consider the small, yet beautiful, benefits of having a dry pair of socks to change into or a nice new dry jumper. These can really make a huge, positive difference to any soggy, sad traveller. Personally, I would say that a solid, good quality dry bag is a must for all digital nomads/travellers.

What to do about it?

There are many things to take into account when choosing your ideal ‘dry bag’ such as size, material, type of fastenings and much more. There’s actually quite a lot to think about and when you consider that it’s such an important decision to make, you could probably do with some help. What you need is some advice, some expert advice in fact.

The article found at this link is a complete and comprehensive guide on how to choose the right dry bag for your trip. It covers everything you think you need to know and more. If you are planning an outdoor adventure such as hiking or camping, and don’t yet have your dry bag, you really should take a look.