Get Work, Get Nomading. Part 1.

 Being a digital nomad can be such good fun that it’s easy to forget about the work part. It’s too easy to get a little bit carried away and neglect the making money part of being a work from anywhere wanderer.

Fortunately, as more and more people push away the desks and travel the world, where they probably still work at desks, but, you know, better ones in better places, more opportunities than ever are available. However, who has the time to spend a whole day combing the internet looking for the perfect job when they could be exploring the real, living world just outside the door*. Thankfully you can save any effort and risk of RSI on your clicking finger by having the jobs come to you. Below is a list of websites that will take up the burden for you. There are also a few that won’t do that but look quite useful and basically, I’m writing this so I can put what I want, where I want. I’m just trying to help you out!

*Probably definitely don’t give up actually looking for work altogether though. That almost certainly isn’t a good idea.

RemoteOK – Remote OKs tagline is ‘let’s find you a job you can do anywhere’. If that is their goal, let them help you. The site has thousands of job listings in all areas and will send you an email containing all the latest remote jobs either daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preference. Perfect to avoid needlessly filling up your inbox.

Jobscribe – If you are a digital nomad that specialises in design, front or back-end development, mobile app development or marketing you might want to sign up to the Jobscribe email list. As with Remote OK you can decide how often you want to receive the emails and can customise the type of jobs you want to be told about. All of the jobs are hand-picked by the Jobscribe team and their claim is that they only work with the fastest growing names in the industry. It’s surely worth a few minutes of your time.

Remote – Remote is a little bit different as it offers jobs in various other areas than the first 2 on the list. If you’ve always dreamed of working in remote customer service or being a remote teacher this is the place to go. All jobs on Remote can be viewed online and the site is clean and easy to navigate. You can also sign up to have the remote jobs list delivered to your inbox once or twice a week. A nice feature of Remote is the Q&A page which offers practical advice and handy tips for any existing or potential digital nomads.

Remotive – Remotive will send a bi-monthly newsletter full of remote working tips and job listings to your inbox. The website has a blog page which contains useful tips about remote working and you can also become part of the remotive community to interact and chat with other like-minded individuals.

TheMuse – The muse or themuse is an all-encompassing career resource website that not only helps you find a job, it will help you excel at that job. Through the website you can search for jobs, browse the extensive career advice section, enroll on specialist coaching packages to help improve your working life and much more. The website is a great resource for anyone and everyone and should definitely be given 15 minutes of your time. The obligatory newsletter can also be signed up for.

Working Nomads – Development, management, sales, design, finance, writing, consulting, human resources, system administration, legal and customer services. These are the areas you can find work in at Working Nomads. The number of jobs doesn’t seem huge at the minute but keep your fingers crossed and hopefully Working Nomads will swiftly grow in size and stature, helping you become a fully fledged working nomad yourself. As with the above sites you can subscribe to Working Nomads and customise the newsletter to suit your skills.

FlexJobs – Everyone seems to love FlexJobs, you have to pay to access all of the features of FlexJobs. I can’t really comment on that as I’ve never used it. I will say that the reviews look very good and it’s not exactly an expensive joining fee. I probably wouldn’t pay to use FlexJobs when there are plenty of free resources available, but, I am not you. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Skip The Drive – It sounds like a game you played when you were younger or older and a bit drunk but it is genuinely quite a useful tool for anyone looking to work remotely. There is a wide range of jobs to browse in over 30 different categories ranging from healthcare to python, which I assume is something to do with computing and not snake handling. Although that would explain the healthcare positions? The site requires no registration and is completely free for job seekers to use

The Remote Working Company – ‘For people that don’t like to go to work’. That’s quite the tagline. The Remote Working Company offers a lot of jobs in a lot of areas. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Scripted – Any skilled writers seeking work should have a quick look at Scripted. The site specialises in hiring writers for its clients written needs. If you are a genius writer that needs a bit of extra income whilst working on your novel or just really enjoy writing short articles on a variety of subjects have a look and see if Scripted can help you.

Part 2 will be coming along fairly soon but in the meantime, if you have any other go to job sites help a fellow nomad out and mention them in the comments below, on the facebook page or do whatever it is you do on twitter @DigitalNomadJob.