Get Work, Get Nomading. Part 6.

We’re back and we are doing what we do best. Bringing (the opportunity of) remote work to the digital nomads of the world!

This website (and by extension, me) has been guilty of losing it way over the past months. Today we rectify that mistake by getting back to basics. We want to offer you exactly what you would, and should, expect from us. Digital Nomad Jobs.

With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that, due to (un) popular demand, a drumroll please……….

Finally, we extend the incredibly (un) successful series Get Work, Get Nomading!

Currently, you will find over 110 websites listed in this particular series which hopefully, will have already helped you find the remote job of your dreams. But, if they didn’t, don’t write us off just yet. There are plenty more ‘job site fish’ in the sea and despite the fact that I am a vegan*, I will go fishing for them just for you. Of course, I will then safely release them back into the internet ocean unharmed and healthy.
*”How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll f*cking tell you.”

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I open this post with a tiny repost of a job site I have already posted. Whilst painstakingly checking and cross-checking my latest updates with the old ones, I discovered a line I had previously written which I found, and still find, pretty brilliant. I have replicated it in its entirety below. After that, this post is 100% new and original content. Promise.

Codementor – Where people go to hire coders. Or where Azkaban guards go to try and find housemates? It’s another ‘invite’ only website which means you’ll have to apply and go through the stringent tests and checks. Probably worth it if you are good at web developing.

CareerBuilder – Pretty straightforward this one. If you want to build your career, go to CareerBuilder. I think that most of these jobs are based in the US of A mind. Still, they say remote in the title so you’d think they would be remote right? Or is that not how things work over there? I’m an ignorant limey, I wouldn’t know.

Glassdoor – Glassdoor is a pretty great website to search for remote jobs, simply enter ‘remote’ in the location box and search away. I have tried quite hard to think of something clever/interesting to say about glassdoor but the best I could come up with were laboured references to Tracy Chapman ‘You got a fast car glassdoor’. Roald Dahl ‘Charlie and The Great GlasselevatorDoor’ and the singer Alice Glassdoor. I decided to not use any of them.

Idealist – Idea list or Idealist? You decide. And then find a remote job through the search engine.

LinkUp – Find your next job faster. Well, that’s what they say anyway. I have no way of checking that claim for authenticity. That would require all sorts of effort that I’m not willing to put in. Stopwatches, test subjects, patience and most importantly, wanting to find a job.

Monster – To be honest, you would have thought I would have covered Monster by now, wouldn’t you? Well, I haven’t. But I have now. Let’s celebrate, all together now. ‘ROOOAAAAARRRR!!’

CoolWorks – CoolWorks is a bit different but it’s nice to keep things interesting. If you are looking for an ‘outdoorsy’ kind of job whilst travelling the many, many states of America this could be the perfect site for you. It might be nice to step away from the screen and get a bit of sunshine on your bones? Also, by using CoolWorks I can segue quite neatly into a song by Jarvis Cocker that’s in a Harry Potter film. Magic Works.

efinancialcareers – Find your next financial job at efinancialcareers. Ideal if you are looking to work with finances I guess.

Atlas and Boots – Right, this is great because it sounds like a wicked pub you would find in an obscure English coastal town. It is a job board. There is a whole other section of the website (an outdoor travel blog I think. Hold on, isn’t all travel outdoor? What would indoor travel be? Going from the lounge to the kitchen?) but I have little to no interest in that part. You might enjoy it, maybe? Personally, I just stuck to the job board.

Accountingfly – This site offers remote accounting jobs. I guess that is ‘pretty (accounting) fly for an accounting guy’*.
*That is almost certainly the beginning of the end. That is probably the worst, most laboured and frankly rubbish pop culture reference that most of you will probably be too young to understand, that I, or anyone else, has ever tried to land. Sorry.

The Mom Project – Are you a mom or a diverse woman* that wants to be connected to world-class companies? If so join the Mom project. Become part of the next generation of female talent. If nothing else it will give you something to natter about at the school gates**!
*”The Mom Project is an equal opportunity platform that welcomes any person who identifies with our mission and goals”. They are very clear about that in the FAQs.
**Right, I couldn’t decide if that was funny, funny but a bit meh, not funny, not funny and a bit meh or just a bit rude. I left it in but crossed out so you can decide for yourselves. If you are new to this website I should point out that I don’t think that at all. DNJ (me) loves or loathes everyone equally, I do not hold bias based on anything other than if you are nice or not.

Career Contessa – Career Contessa is ‘The only career site built for women that lets you job search, book career counselling, get free career guidance and advice, and more. Real talk guaranteed.’ And you can do that whilst all of us men are watching sports, swearing, drinking heavily and scratching ourselves**!
**See, I’ve evened it out there with a male stereotype that may or may not be true. DNJ = Equal opportunities for bad jokes.

Fairy God Boss – Yet another job website for women! Here you can find jobs, company reviews and many other things relevant to women in the workplace.

GitHub Jobs – I am British, Git means something else to me I think. Here it means, well, I’m not really sure what it means. Something to do with computers and software or developing or something. If you are into tech jobs, look here. Also, please let me know what it means. If you are interested in the true meaning of git. See below.
British informal
an unpleasant or contemptible person.

“that mean old git”

Ditch The Office – Are you sick of Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell? Had enough of Tim/Jim looking at the camera with a bewildered/smug look on their face? In that case, ditch the office and watch The Twilight Zone instead. Wait, what? Ah, OK, sorry, wrong article. Please continue watching your favoured version of The Office but ditch YOUR office and find remote work on

Myworkhive – They make it easy to find professional remote jobs that fit your life. Apparently. Test that out and let me know. Now, more importantly than that, as we are talking about hives, should a vegan eat honey? I mean, I don’t but most of them do, does that make me a better vegan than them? That’s not for me to say (yes, yes it does), I just feel sorry for the bees. They go out one day, have a nice time and come home to the hive to see that they have been robbed. It must be/bee horrific. Here is a song by The Bees.

Remote Global – Probably the dullest looking of all of the sites I have covered today but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse than the others. I’m sure that like in one of those Hollywood films if you take off its glasses and change it’s daggy, baggy sweater into a fashionable top it could easily become the prom/remote job board king/queen/non-binary winner.

Remote Job Solutions – Jobs without borders! Until a racist, xenophobic vibe sweeps through the website convincing it’s mindless drone homegrown ‘jobs’ that this is their land and we need borders to keep other ‘jobs’ out and make sure that we are keeping all of the best bits for our ‘jobs’, not those foreign ‘jobs’. Completely disregarding all of the good that comes from allowing ‘jobs’ from different cultures and environments to meet and share ’employment’ ideas. Nevermind though eh, as long as we get to give our ‘jobs’ blue salary details instead of the infinitely more attractive burgundy ones those foreign ‘jobs’ get.
Sorry, I lost myself for a second there. Anyway, it’s a good site, find your borderless job before it’s too late.

Remote Jobs Club – Simon spends 4-5 hours a day finding the best remote jobs so that you don’t have to. He will email them to you once a week. I do not know what Simon gets in return for this service. I assume that you will work that out between yourselves. Stay safe…

Pangian – I quite like the name. It’s different. Also, they say they have nearly 13,000 jobs online so that’s quite a big choice. But is it as big as Sophies?

Codepen – If you are looking for a coding job the check out codepen. It’s what they do.

CloudPeeps – Before I started part 6 I was convinced I had written about CloudPeeps before but I can’t find it anywhere. Let’s just pretend that I 100% haven’t. CloudPeeps, apart from having a pretty terrible name, is a pretty great way to search for freelance jobs. Once you sign up as a ‘peep’ you can trawl the listings until you find something that suits. Then you apply. Simple.

Cryptocurrency Jobs – I have no idea how a bitcoin works. If you do, get a job dealing with it or one of the other currencies that aren’t real but are worth a lot of money. If you do find a job through this listing, consider donating a bit of a bitcoin or other digital money to me or a charity of your choice. It’s good karma and all that.

Wanderbrief – I end with wanderbrief because, like most people, sometimes I like to walk around in my pants. If this remote jobs board is half as good as walking around in your pants is you are sure to find something amazing. Good luck to you.

Right, good luck on your job hunt. Part 7 is coming soon!