Get Work, Get Nomading. Part 2.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 2.

Every week it seems that more and more new remote work job sites are popping up. Who has the time to trawl through them all trying to find ones that are worth your time and effort? Me, that’s who. Me for you. I’ve already had one go at it and now I’ve decided to give you an early Summer treat! Part 2! Below you will find a list of some of the best sites out there that are desperately trying to help you live the digital nomad dream.

We Work Remotely – It’s what they do, it’s what I do, it’s what you want to do. Make it happen.

Jobspresso – The site offers lots of jobs in a wide range of fields. Also, I quite like the name and the design.

EuropeRemotely – If you are looking for a weekly newsletter with remote jobs for developers based in Europe look no further. – It doesn’t have many jobs on offer to be honest but fingers crossed this will be a grower. I like it because I have no idea what WFH stands for and I like to make up things it could be. I’m currently going with ‘We F***ing Hire’.

Outsourcely – It looks pretty slick and has a wide range of jobs available. What else do you need?

Aquent – ‘We harness the power of individuals to change the way the world works.’ And ‘Aquent is more than workforce evolution. It’s workforce revolution.’ Those are two of the inspiring statements Aquent have made about themselves on the website, see if they can back the words up with actions. It’s a bit high-end so the selection process can be a bit tough. Good luck to you.

The Creative Group – If you are a creative type have a look at the tcg. It’s full of handy tips and advice aimed at getting you the best creative jobs out there.

Textbroker – If you can write, and write well, you should look at textbroker. You register, you write and they pay. Cosmic. – Proz (I think I see what they did there) is a great site for any translators out there looking for work. Create a free account and get to work.

Virtual Vocations – I can’t decide if this is a site offering jobs solely based in the US or not but if you are there you should have a look. In fact, even if you’re not there you should probably have a look. You might be just the right digital nomad for the job.

The Freelancer by Contently – Resources, stories, jobs and even a newsletter to sign up for! You could do a lot worse than look here.

LinkedIn – I’m incredibly late to the LinkedIn party but it’s still an incredibly useful tool for the modern digital nomad to use. Join as a pro and let the work find you.

CrowdSource – If you like tests, rules and work restrictions CrowdSource could be the place for you! All applicants must pass a series of tests before becoming an active worker and part of their quality control plan involves stopping under performing workers from taking on more jobs. If that sounds like astress-freee and fun work environment to you then check them out.

ProBlogger – Are you a blogger? Are you a professional? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions then ProBlogger is the place for you. It’s a job board with blogging jobs on.

Dribble – Dribble is a great place to go for designers of all kinds. Product, web, graphic, UI, visual and more. You design it, they’ll have someone wanting to employ it/you.

PowerToFly – Women, this ones for you. ‘Join The Community Connecting Women To Companies That Care.’ Sorry men, you can’t join.

Landing.Jobs – If you are looking for a job with one of Europe’s top tech companies be sure to look at As an added bonus, if you happen to find yourself in Portugal or particularly Lisbon on the 2nd and 3rd of June get yourself a free ticket to the festival.

Authentic Jobs – It might just be me but the name of this website screams ‘rubbish’. It’s not! Other than a bad name the website is rather swish looking and is incredibly easy to navigate. Just get past the name and everything will be fine.

AngelList – If you’ve dreamed of working for a startup company but never knew where to get er, started, fret no more. AngelList could be the place you’ve been pining for. Create an account and get working for the next big thing.

Stack Overflow Jobs – It mainly looks like jobs in development to me but if that’s your bag head to the stack overflow job board and develop a career.

Voice 123 – This one is a little obscure but if you have an amazing voice make it work for you. Become a voice over artist. There is a premium fee for this site so be careful before you jump into it.

Bunny Inc – A one stop shop for voice actors, writers and translators. You don’t have to be able to all 3 of course.

Envato Studio – Websites like Envato offer you the platform to hawk your wares to a huge number of customers. It sounds good but remember you’ll be up against a lot of competition who may be willing to lower their asking price more than you!

Right, that should be enough for you to be getting on with for now. Part 3 will be coming soon, it won’t be a 4 month wait this time (not that anyone really notices) so if you have any recommendations let me and your fellow nomads know in the comments section.