Get Work, Get Nomading. Part 3.


Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 3.

You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. You can also read this article for a few more ideas. That’s over 50 (51 in fact!) places for you to start hunting your dream digital nomad job.

As the distance between part 1 and 2 was fairly epic I figured it was only fair to do the opposite for part 3. So here you go, just like a bus you wait 4 months for one to turn up and then 2 come along at once, well, two days apart but you know…

Working Not Working – I’ll be honest, this site baffles me. It’s far too trendy and hip for the likes of me but if you are a modern and hip creative that wants to find work without being charged a fee, this is the site for you. – If you’re good at designs, go to What is Well, in their own words:
” is a place where global clients from various industries search and pay for high-quality, heartmade designs sold by You – a new breed of design entrepreneurs or Designpreneurs!”
Three things to be said here, firstly, yes, they did use the word heartmade, I’ve no idea why. Secondly, I bet they were ecstatic when they coined the term ‘designpreneurs’ and thirdly, you’ll need a portfolio for them to review.

Soply – Another website that specialises in sourcing creative types from the following fields. Photography, videography, illustration, animation and design. It’s quite straight forward and it wins a special mention from me as it has worked with both Tic-Tac and Oddbins.

Textmaster – If you are a qualified and great or a not qualified but good translator let TextMaster become your new, er, master. Upon application you will be given a series of skill tests to prove your worth to the TextMaster. If you please him/her then you will be accepted into their world of translation, proofreading and article writing.

Skyword – Are you a writer? Are you a videographer? If you’ve answered yes to one or both of these questions then Syword might be the place for you. They work with leading Fortune 1000 enterprise brands and media companies ensuring that your stellar work is being seen by ‘the right’ people.

SmartShoot – People need high quality images and videos. You might produce high quality images and videos. If you do, you should let SmartShoot introduce the two of you. If you don’t, you shouldn’t have wasted your time reading this snippet.

CrowdSPRING – This list is starting to look a little design heavy. Still, designers need work too. If you like to design logos, websites or even coming up with brand names you should probably look at the site. There’s a fair chance you’ll be up against a huge number of competitors mind.

Crew – Designers and developers are welcome to apply to join Crew to find jobs in design and development. Apparently Crew is currently invite only to ensure there is enough work to go around. You can read all about that and more here. Applying for an invite seems odd to me. ‘Hello class mate, I hear it’s your birthday next week, I’d like to apply for an invitation. Please find attached a copy of my CV and a personal statement outlining why I think I am the right fit for this party. PS. My Mom said she would buy us some beer if that helps.”

goLance – Gollums younger brother set up a freelance site, he called it goLance*. It’s straightforward to use. Build a profile, apply for jobs, do the jobs and get paid. Easy (precious).
*That might not be true.

Hired – Hired will use science to match you with the perfect jobs*. The drill is the usual, you create a profile and upload a portfolio and then the some of the world’s most exciting and innovative** companies will come to you. Apparently, over 75% of candidates accept jobs they have been offered through Hired. Oh, it’s free as well.

Inbound – If you would like a remote marketing job, look no further then Inbound. It’s what they do. Actually, you probably will have to look a bit further, there aren’t actually that many remote marketing jobs on the website but still. You should look anyway.

Parttimerz – It took me a lot longer than it should have done to figure out what the website was actually called. It’s 2017, who still uses a Z instead of an S? It also took me a while to find out where the new job listing were hidden. Handily, they are not at the top of the list, you have to scroll down to the bottom and load a few more pages before you get to them. It’s an OK website I guess, it doesn’t look very popular and the job listings are a little old but add it to your bookmarks just in case. It might be a slow burner.

Workana – The go to site for those looking to hire freelancers in Latin America! I don’t know much about the site because my language skills are nil. I will say that it looks quite swish.

Loom – I can’t explain this site half as well as the link does. Mainly because I don’t really understand it. I think that you get paid with money and equity of the business? If you know, let me know!

Ruby Now – If you are a Ruby developer take a look at this dedicated job board.

Writer Access – It’s where writers of all varieties go to get hired. The better you are the more you get paid. It’s worth a look for sure.

Content Mart – They sell content. They’ve made the name of the site sound a bit like supermarket. If you like to write content and want to sell it somewhere that sounds a bit like a supermarket, you could use them.

ConstantContent – They sell content. They’ve made the name of the site sound like everyone always needs content, like, constantly. If you like to write content and want to sell it constantly, you could use them.

Workhoppers – Search for the latest freelance jobs in your current city with workhoppers.

Codeable – Able to code? Are you an expert WordPress developer? If you are then Codeable want to get to know you. If you’re not, they don’t want you to waste their time. Seriously, if you’re not an expert, a world beater, the best of the best or a super star, they’re not interested. They also want world-beating designers and theme creators. You will also need to be the bees knees at that though.

iWriter – Another site for all the writers out there. You start off at the bottom of the ladder but once you’ve clawed your way up to the top you can earn up to $80 for a 500 word article. It has to be a good one though I’d assume.

SEO Marketplace – Are you an SEO legend? Do you really enjoy the tedious hours of keyword research? If you are and you do you should sign up with SEO Marketplace. They specialise in selling SEO services.


Simbi – If you wish to live a simpler, cleaner life free from the constraints of money (good luck to you) or if you just like the idea of the barter system you should have a look at Simbi. You won’t get paid in cash but you can learn interesting things, teach interesting things or just feel better about things in general I guess. It’s completely free and well worth a look.

If you know of any hidden remote job websites let your fellow digital nomads know in the comments below or do the twitter thing @DigitalNomadJob. You can also have at the new Pinterest page, I’m on trend eventually. It just takes me a few years to get around to it.