Get Work, Get Nomading. Part 5.

Digital Nomad Jobs: Get work, get Nomading. Part 5.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 5.

Guess who’s back again with another list of freelancing websites where you will hopefully find the job of your dreams. Or a job you can tolerate. Or at least a job that you don’t hate. Basically a job. I hope this helps you find a job. Now, you probably should have read parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 by now. If you haven’t you should do that first and then come back here.
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Done that? Cosmic.

Now, as I mentioned in part 4 some of the websites I list might not exactly be the type of thing you are looking for but that’s not for me to assume. I’ll just make myself look like a div if I do that. Anyway. On we go.

Job Boards.

JournalismJobs – I think you can probably guess what kind of jobs you will find here.

HigherEdJobs – I like the colours they use in the logo.

Dice – Use dice to search for remote tech jobs. I hope you roll a six.

Crunchboard – You can find worldwide tech jobs here. I hope you can handle the crunch.

icrunchdata – Well I don’t, but you might?

LocalSolo – Let employers find you in your current city. This link will take you to this Bristol homepage. I have no idea why and no idea on how to change it. Sorry.

Smashing Jobs – A straightforward and easy to use job board that mainly offers jobs in design and development.

Freelanced – Freelanced is the freelance social network and may well be worth a look. If I’m brutally honest some of the pay offered looks quite low to me but I might be incredibly wrong. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Code Gravity – Find and apply for freelance coding jobs here.

polycount – A job board for all things animation (I think). If you are a whizz with 3D art and similar things you should go to polycount.

SEO Clerk – Find freelance SEO work here.

Topcoder – Are you a top coder? If you are you know where to click.

Kind of posh, members only, elite websites. For the best of the best of the best.

Coroflot – Coroflot is a website for creatives. They work with some pretty impressive employers and hopefully, you can too. You have to apply to join but that means it’s good yeah?

WPHired – If you are a wizard with Word Press and really want to live a life doing it all of the time this is the website for you.

Krop – Krop is posh, Krop is supposed to be good. Krop is where you find rockstar designers*. If you are a rock star designer you should look at Krop and take your career to the next level.
*According to Facebook.

Go Traction – If you are an elite marketer you might consider applying to join Go Traction.

Hirable – Where the world hires the best freelance developers.

Juiiicy – If you are a top class designer you should request an invite from juiiicy. It’s built for people just like you. If you do get an invite, offer to design them a new name.

‘Gig’ websites*.
*These are the websites that I was a little loathe to include. There is nothing wrong with them really I just think that the employer kind of has you by the ‘short and curlies’ as there is so much competition that the fees can often be incredibly low. Still, if you’re looking for a quick and easy job for a bit of pocket-money and you’re willing to sell yourself I guess they can be a good place to look.

Damongo – ”The #1 Website For Micro Jobs Online! Perfect for Freelance Workers and Contractors Looking to Make Money and Get Paid For Their Skill Sets and Talents. Start Unleashing your Talent!” Apparently.

Fourerr – Er, I guess this is for those days when Fiverr is just too much?

GigBucks – Do gigs for bucks.

Designhill – Compete with dozens of other designers for money!

Something a little bit different.

TaskRabbit – Do the things other people don’t want to! Assemble furniture, hang a painting or walk a dog. Anything people don’t want to do for themselves can be found on task rabbit. The jobs are obviously location dependent but it’s worth a look to see if there is anything local to you.

Bidvine – As above.

And that’s that for another part of my breathtakingly exciting series on where to find work online. I make that 98 places now that you have to peruse at your leisure in your quest to live the digital nomad dream. I’m sure part 6 will be up in the not too distant future, I just need to find somewhere epic for the 100th in the list. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas.

Have a good one.