happy alone

Loneliness – Ed Harcourt

Loneliness, a digital nomad’s greatest fear*
*well, apart from no money, no work, nowhere to stay, theft, accidents, ill-health, missed flights, late trains, dead batteries, no WiFi, bad food, lost passports, ill-fitting socks and bad weather. At least.

Meeting people is easy. Making friends is a bit more difficult.
All digital nomads have a decision to make, it’s not what to do or where to go. It’s much more important than that. It’s who, if anyone, to do it with. Personally, I think it’s quite nice to do things on your lonesome 75% of the time. Still, there is always room for a friend or two along the way. Other people and they’re not (that) wrong, need constant companionship. They just can’t cope with the solitude of their own thoughts. Basically, the 2 types of digital nomad I’m talking about here are:
Digital No-‘Mates, I need mates, give me friends. I want all of the friends!’
Digital No-‘Mates, meh, I can take them or leave them really. I don’t care.’

Afraid to fly solo?

If you are the type of person that really wants human interaction but are a little unsure how digital nomads manage that, never fear. Digital Nomad Jobs has you covered. There are many ways for digital nomads to meet people ranging from the obvious (going to the bar) to the less obvious (find a language partner, going to a class of sorts). For more on how and where to meet people, be sure to have a read of our fully updated article ‘Digital No-mates? No problem’ where we cover many of the best ways to meet people (and what not to do). Without wanting to be the harbinger of doom that I usually am, when you meet people for the first time, do it safely. Don’t let yourself, and me, down by being an idiot about it. You owe us both more than that! Click here for a quick refresher on digital nomad safety.

Happy alone?

Fantastic, there’s no written in stone rule declaring ‘thou must have friends’. Enjoy your own company and be a star. If you do get a bit bored though, consider killing some time reading through the extensive ‘More Nomad News From Nowhere’ back catalogue. You might find something interesting in there and you’ll definitely find some fantastic songs to listen to. I can’t really say much more to you happy alone nomads. Honestly, I just really just wanted to get this Kings Of Leon song in an article, it’s from when they were good! Give it a listen and bask in the glory of your solo travelling life. Have a good one. Oh, and maybe go to a bar once in a while, you never know, you might meet someone.