Hungary Just Changed Its Tourism Policy in a Big Way. Here’s How to Get In

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As of August 7, Hungary has reopened for tourism from many countries and doesn’t require tourists to have a covid vaccine. Unlike many other countries in the European Union, Hungary only requires tourists to present a negative covid PCR test in order to enter, taken no earlier than 72 hours before departure.

This reopening will apply to all citizens of the EU, US, UK, Canada, Russia, and a short list of other nations. 

Before the new requirements, Hungary allowed tourists to enter via land crossings except for Ukraine, leading many to fly into neighboring countries and enter Hungary through its land borders.

The current covid situation in Hungary

According to Reuters, Hungary is reporting about 65 new covid cases per day, about 1 percent of its peak in March of 2021. New infection rates are 4 per 100,000 citizens and the country is reporting a 0.9% positive testing rate. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US lists Hungary as level 1: low level of covid risk.

Hungary dropped its mask requirements except in hospitals and social institutions at the end of May. There are no curfews or testing requirements for access to any restaurants or lodging and no social distancing rules in place.

The only covid-related requirements still in place apply to public events with more than 500 people. These will require proof of immunity and restrictions on numbers depending upon the event. The maximum number of people allowed for private events sits at 100, except weddings which allow up to 400.

Here are the full details released in Hungary’s official Gazette publication. 

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