The Netherlands Just Introduced Mandatory 10-Day Quarantine to Those Entering From the US

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In accordance with the EU entry ban recommended recently by the European Union, the Netherlands has added measures that will once again make it more challenging to travel from the US. 

As of September 4th, travelers hoping to visit from the US will be required to either be fully vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine (all those administered in the US are) or have an EU-recognized exemption

In addition, all those entering from the US will also need to undergo a 10-day quarantine regardless of vaccine status. However, the Netherlands’ government said it might be possible to shorten this quarantine period by testing negative on day five of quarantine.

Beginning September 6th, all travelers will also be required to present a negative covid test upon entry. Once again, this is regardless of vaccine status. 

Proof of recovery from covid or fully vaccinated status will not be an exemption from any requirements.

The Netherlands did announce a few exceptions to this rule, such as traveling for medical reasons or a family emergency. Anyone under 12 is also exempt.

The quarantine period does not apply to travelers staying in the Netherlands for fewer than 12 hours. It’s also not applicable to anyone who’s been in a very high-risk country for fewer than 12 hours. The full list of exemptions can be found here.

Before entering, tourists will need to fill out a quarantine declaration that asks for information on which countries the traveler is coming from and the intended address of quarantine in the Netherlands.

The change to the Netherlands covid policy for those coming from the US is one of the most dramatic alterations stemming from the EU’s recommendation to add the US as a high-risk country. Italy has added testing requirements for vaccinated tourists as well as a mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated tourists.


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