Guest Post. What does ‘Digital Nomad’ mean? An article by Melisa Marzett.

Guest Post. What does ‘Digital Nomad’ mean? An article by Melisa Marzett.

 The article below is a guest contribution from Melisa Marzett. It is published as received (a little later than planned, sorry Melisa) except for a few formatting changes and does not necessarily represent the views of Digital Nomad Jobs. We just like being nice! If you would like to submit a guest post please contact us at [email protected]

 What means ‘Digital Nomad’?

The concept of “digital nomad” appeared relatively recently. This is a name for people who get out of the chains of the office life and started working distantly travelling to the most beautiful places on our magnificent planet. However, most people wonder how it is possible to live like this both working and travelling. The 21st century provides all the opportunities for such kinds of activity. By means of the Internet and freelance, working people can give up sitting in offices and start making their dreams come true.

Advantages of such life are the following:

Freedom. There is no need to follow the same road to work every day and be there from 8 am to 5 pm every day with a single day-off. Now, it is possible to make the schedule of work and wake up and go to bed whenever it is suitable and customize day-to-day activity.

Society and the environment. It is high time to change the society and the environment that surrounds us and spend time working on the beach listening to the waves. There won’t be any concrete jungle outside the window.

Perfection of foreign languages. The greatest opportunity provided by such activity is simple and fast ways to master foreign languages being a part of a certain culture.

Can anyone become a digital nomad?

Unfortunately, not everybody can become a digital nomad. There are two main reasons why it is impossible. There are the following: professional social and professional. The first one is related to the people who have family and they can’t just leave them searching for the better life. He or she will have to take them on this little trip as well but it would be problematic to travel in such a way. The second one is based on a chosen profession. It is impossible to imagine a mechanic or a hairdresser with such type of nomadic working since most of them have a group of regular clients and reputation. It will take longer to earn people’s trust in the new place.

However, if there are no circumstances that force to be chained to a single place without the ability to travel, welcome to the club of digital nomads! Such professions like writers, translators, programmers, web designers or other types of freelance activity are perfect for digital nomading. There is no need to be in the office to make a career due to freelance work on the internet. In spite of all the disadvantages such type of working is highly propagated. If one is able to deal with all the assignments at home so why not, but nobody said where this home should be.

Sometimes people are concerned about the ability to work distantly. Consider your profession once again. For example, it is a teacher. It is easy to provide paid classes online via Skype without personal interference. A certain group of professions can follow this example and use Skype or other similar programs to work online.

Other options.

There is also one option that worth giving up your current position and earn money in such a way. It is online trading. It is well-developed, it is simple and it provides the opportunity to work online. The internet is fulfilled with information on this topic to start trading.

A binary option is actually a contract that determines basic assets. The essence of the work lays in the correct forecasting concerning the sum of these assets during a certain period of time, whether they increase or decrease. The payments for the correct forecast are impressive. It can reach 70 or even 90% of the investment sum! There is no doubt that in order to forecast correctly it is necessary to have specific knowledge in this field. However, it is easy to master this knowledge constantly analyzing the market.

Generally, it is possible to turn a profession into a nomadic one but it depends on its origin. Unfortunately, some people just can’t become digital nomads due to certain factors both professional and personal. Beyond the reasonable doubt, there are plenty of advantages in such a life. There are no more boundaries, a new world is open to see its marvels and new languages might also be a good addition to the general knowledge. However, there are also disadvantages. The first one was already mentioned; some professions are just not suitable for nomadic life. It might be rather difficult for some people to get used to the new environment and new society. This is also one of the reasons for giving up such life. If above-mentioned problems don’t bother you at all, digital nomading is for you.

About the author: The author of this post, Melisa Marzett, wanted to show people that there are other options instead of sitting in the office and do the same job every day. It is impossible not to admit that she possesses rather good writing skills to share such interesting articles and earn money in such a way. Being a freelance writer she gained huge experience and mastered her writing skills. Now, she works on Royal Editing. Just in case if you have some problems with an essay or any other paper.