An Alternative View On Microtasking.

 A few weeks back I wrote a few lines on microtasking. It’s fair to say that my experience with them wasn’t great. However, being a modern, open-minded kinda guy I’m always happy to hear the other side of the argument. With that in mind I am happy to share with you a short piece sent to us by Giuliana Ceresa. Giuliana has slightly taken me to (micro) task over my comments and was keen to show you that undertaking a few microtasks may not, in fact, be as bad as I made out.

I must point out that I have no personal affiliation with appJobber and I am not receiving anything in exchange for posting this. The aim of this site is to help digital nomads new and old and if this app helps in any way, that’s fantastic. Here’s what Giuliana had to say:

“Micro tasks might not make you rich, but if you find the right ones they can add up to some bonus pocket-money and may even be fun! There are indeed microjobbing platforms that let you execute micro tasks when you are out and about by just using your smart phone.

The concept is very simple: you download a free microjobbing app, like appJobber, either on your Android or your iOS device and register to the platform. The app shows you on a map which jobs are available in your surroundings and how much you would be rewarded for doing them. Mostly such jobs are easily done and just take up a few minutes once you are in the right place: for example they might ask you to take some pictures of specific racks in a supermarket or to document the speed limit of a certain street and you get a couple of Euros for it.

At the base of this platform lies the crowdworking idea, meaning that companies delegate the collection of information to the crowd of users . They might need to get pictures, or answers about things/products/street signs etc. over a large region, so they ask people who find themselves already in place to collect that information. It is as easy as it sounds. If you are now pouring some chai from a samovar somewhere in Yekaterinburg, you might as well take a look in the appJobber app and would find out that some company is looking for pictures of 23 different supermarket types. You probably know there is one of the requested stores just around the corner where you could go next to take the required pictures and earn some money while getting your groceries.

Unlike other online platforms, microjobbing apps mostly pay real money which you can transfer to your paypal or bank account. Also, unlike other types of jobs online, here you don’t have to sit somewhere staring at a computer screen – you can do what you wanted to do in the first place, exploring the world! AppJobber, for example, is available in more than 40 European countries, so it can be a nice companion for those travelling around Europe. If you check the app every now and then, you might find some Jobs on your route and collect some extra cash: it is like a sort of rewarded geocaching, so why not give it a try?”

Again, I have no affiliation, links or connections at all with appJobber, I just wanted to share an alternative view of microtasking with you. If you know of any other microtask sites that I may have unfairly overlooked let me and your fellow digital nomads know in the comments section or the facebook page.