You Need a Job? What, Where and How.


Oh, so what should you do?
Should you stop being you?
Just to be how he wants you?

As part of our back to basics initiative, I figured it would be a good time to look at the most crucial aspect of digital nomad life. The cornerstone of this website. Digital Nomad Jobs.

Unfortunately, until universal basic income becomes a reality, most of us will have to do a job we, at best, tolerate. The select few will be able to badly act, auto-tune or be ‘born into wealth’ their way through life, but for the rest of us, the unenviable prospect of gainful employment awaits. Happily, this isn’t as grim as it once was, modern technology means more and more jobs can be performed remotely, meaning you can work, and have fun, somewhere a little more exotic than Slough*.
*I’ve never been to Slough. It might be top.

The world is getting smaller and the time to take your chance is getting closer every day, just look at the news! It doesn’t make for pretty viewing most of the time. Basically, all you can do is make your time as fun as possible before old Mr D. Eath comes along to take you away. If you want to do that in an office or behind a counter, fair play to you. If you want to do it seeing the world and having a fantastic time, come along for the ride!


Digital nomads can do almost anything these days. For real. There was once a time when I would spend hours (yes, I do genuinely put some thought into this website) wracking my brain trying to come up with jobs people could do remotely. Now it’s harder coming up with jobs you can’t do. Everyone from doctors* to spiritual guides** are working remotely so really, provided you aren’t incredibly niche in your work, you should be able to find something that suits.
*Not proper ‘doctoring’ more consulting and answering questions with ”consult your primary healthcare specialist” but it still counts.
**I might have made that up to prove a non-factual point.

You can find a series of Digital Nomad Job Profiles here. More coming soon.

When people think of digital nomads it is fairly safe to say that they think along the lines of ‘web designer, ‘graphic designer’, ‘blogger’. They’re not wrong but they are incredibly limited in their scope. There are so many more roles than that for potential digital nomads to fill. You can be anything from a transcriptionist to a trombone teacher. To be fair, I’m pretty sure that even if nobody else is digitally nomading the career you want to digitally nomad, you can make it work with enough effort and ‘can do’ attitude*.
*Probably not like a surgeon or dentist or owt like that, you know what I mean.

You might not think that being a digital nomad is for you as you don’t have the right skills, to that, I say b0ll#ks. You’re never too old to learn something new and chances are, you probably know it already. For example, my dead and decaying home country has recently announced the ‘broken’ state of Toys ‘R’ Us. Say you work for them and you’ve just lost your job, right, chances are you know a fair bit about toys yeah? You could easily start a blog about the latest and greatest toys. Failing that you could apply for a job working for an online toy seller, writing the product descriptions etc. Or, with a bit of capital, set up your own online toy shop. You already know the toy-selling world, you just need to transfer that knowledge to a different, erm, sphere? Sector? I’m not sure of the word, still, the point is valid. Why not? That’s 3 options in 3 minutes. Imagine what you could come up within 10 minutes, or even 20!?


Er…. anywhere in the world. That’s why it’s remote working…

Oh, Ok, where online. You’d think I’d understand this better as I’m writing it. Anyway. There are literally countless* websites online dedicated to helping you find the digital nomad job of your dreams. If you don’t like the idea of trawling the job boards you could always try cold e-mailing your favourite companies. It’s a bit of a long shot but you never know, you might get lucky. Check out all of your favourite social medias for any opportunities and keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground when it comes to networking. You never know whose brothers, girlfriends, sisters, boyfriends, dentists, chiropodists kids football team needs a new logo.
*You could count them if you want, the number is not infinite. Just big.

You can find a huge range of online job boards, 75+ at last count, and more ways to find work online here, more coming soon.

Setting up your own website is incredibly easy now. Even I can do it* and I’m basically a techno-fail. If you have ever wanted a crack at doing your own thing online, now is the time. It’s cheaper than ever and it honestly couldn’t be easier. You’ll have your hand held all of the way. In fact, to help you out even more, I’ll (figuratively) hold your hand. Next week I will be writing an article about starting your own website. What to do, where to do it etc, so get thinking of your ideas, for we start on the morrow (of next week).


Just do it. Seriously, just get out there and have a go. It’s not that difficult to apply for work now that you know what you can do and where to look. Your biggest obstacle is fear, you need to look it in the eyes and plant a knee or swift right boot straight into its ghoulies/wherever you knee or kick a female representation of fear. You can find useful information online from a wealth of resources. You’re not just limited to digital nomad jobs! We can have an open relationship for sure. Good luck.

If you want some help and advice on how to start your own freelance career from scratch you might want to consider this book by JM Cooper, it’s full of practical advice on how to, er, start your freelance career from scratch and is incredibly well priced*.
*Note, all proceeds from sales do not go to me or Digital Nomad Jobs, none of them do, much to my displeasure. Promise.