New European Destinations Open for American Tourists: Sweden and the Netherlands

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As we approach July, more European countries have announced they’re opening to non-essential travel, giving a green light to tourists and digital nomads looking to spend time in the E.U.

As of June 30, U.S. tourists will be welcomed back into Sweden, regardless of covid vaccination status.

In addition, the Netherlands is already accepting tourists from America.

To enter Sweden, you’ll need to show a negative covid test result. The Netherlands, however, has no requirements when entering from a country they’ve deemed a “safe country,” which currently includes the U.S.

Tourism in the Netherlands right now

As of June 24, the Netherlands has listed the U.S. as a “safe country.” In contrast to most other European countries, no covid requirements are necessary to enter the country.

You don’t need proof of vaccination or a negative covid test, but you will need to fill out a health declaration form if traveling by air. The Netherlands government says that some airlines will allow you to fill in this form digitally when you check-in, but it might be wise to bring in a physical form, as well.

The form asks for simple questions like flight information, symptoms of covid, or if you’ve been exposed to someone with covid within the last 10 days.

Masks are required on all public transportation, and social distancing measures will likely remain in place through August.

The Netherlands is one of the only countries in Europe to open to Americans without a negative covid test requirement or proof of vaccination.

What you’ll need to travel to Sweden come June 30

On June 23, Sweden announced an amendment to covid-19 travel bans that will allow entry into Sweden from Albania, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Macao, North Macedonia, Serbia, Taiwan, and the U.S. starting on June 30.

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, all travelers coming from these countries will not need to quarantine upon entry but will need to present a negative covid test taken within 48 hours of departure for Sweden.

The Netherlands and Sweden now join PortugalGermanyFranceCzechiaSwitzerland, and Denmark to welcome back summer tourists from America.

Keep in mind, to enter back into the U.S., you’ll need a negative covid test taken within 72 hours of departure, regardless of vaccination status.


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