Now Open: The Czech Republic Welcomes Back U.S. Tourists

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The Czech Republic is the latest European country to welcome back tourists this summer.

As of June 21st, Czechia is now open to travelers and tourists from 20 new countries, including the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. 

Also notable, the UK is not currently on the list of approved countries.

Increasingly the norm, though, rules are slightly different from other countries you may have already researched for entrance. 

Český Krumlov

According to the US embassy in the Czech Republic, entry to the country currently has no covid-related requirements. 

To enter the country, you don’t need to download any covid tracing apps, location forms, provide testing results, or show proof of vaccination.

However, there will be a requirement to show proof of covid health to visit museums, public events, or check into hotels. 

The country is accepting one of three ways to prove covid health:

  • A negative PCR test within the last three days or a negative antigen test within the past 24 hours
  • Proof of vaccination more than 15 days ago for a single dose or 22 days for a two-dose vaccine
  • Proof of recovery from covid within the last 180 days

What to expect when you get to the Czech Republic

According to Reuters, the Czech Republic is currently seeing about 124 new covid cases per day. The country has about 36% of its population vaccinated. Here a few things to keep in mind if you’re heading to Czechia:

  • The country is still requiring KN95 or FFP2 masks in most public spaces.
  • There are currently no direct flights into the Czech Republic from the US, so the embassy recommends checking on transit requirements before booking.
  • The US embassy also reports that very few establishments ask for proof of a negative test, covid vaccination, or covid recovery, but they recommend complying with the rules regardless. Failing to do so could come with a $470 fine.
  • Most stores, museums, zoos, castles, gardens, and cultural sites have reopened, but some have limited capacity.
  • Restaurants are open, both indoor and outdoor, with some rules like wearing a mask while not eating and maintaining social distancing.

For up-to-date information, check the US Embassy in the Czech Republic’s covid-19 page and the country’s covid portal.


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