Digital Nomads – The Propaganda exposed.

Digital Nomad Jobs proudly presents yet another ‘good myths and bad myths of being a digital nomad exposed’. 2018 edition.

Hello, and welcome to the digital nomad jobs 2018 edition of ‘good myths and bad myths of being a digital nomad exposed’.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, I imagine it’s something along the lines of ‘Bleurgh, not another poxy list no-one is asking for, ‘kin waste of time.’ Well, you’re wrong, yes, it is a list and yes, no-one is asking for it but it certainly isn’t (in my own humble opinion) poxy. This list is a hard-hitting, truth exposing, myth-busting, bastion of truth. Standing tall amongst its peers. In fact, no, scratch that, this list has no peers. It’s that pure, good and true.

So here, for you, are some of the more popular pieces of digital nomad propaganda exposed.

The good propaganda. EXPOSED!

MYTH! Location independence. You get to live where you want when you want and how you want. Everything is golden when you can wake up, stroll to the beach and set up shop. No worries. Plus, have you seen how cheap it is to live abroad, man, those prices are crazy!
TRUTH BANG! That isn’t 100% real. Well, it can be, but you’ll still need the conkers to make it happen. There isn’t an International Digital Nomad Monetary Fund (IDNMF?) set up handing out free rent you know. If you are selling one medium t-shirt every 3 days from your webshop you probably won’t be living the high-life in Lisbon. You will still have to live within your means. Just because things are cheap, it doesn’t make them free.

MYTH! It’s a stress-free work environment, no office-based drama, no distractions. Just you, the job, and blissful peace.
TRUTH BANG! Think about it. Is work ever stress-free? Does being a digital nomad immediately destroy deadlines, computer errors or other unforeseen bringers of stress? Nope.

MYTH! Being a digital nomad is a wonderful way to increase your productivity. You’ll be more inclined to finish your work faster if you know you can go and explore this wonderful wide world when it’s done.
TRUTH BANG! Logo for a paper merchant or walk along the Great Wall of China? Transcribe that lecture series or trek in the outback? You have to be committed to upping your productivity, no one will do it for you and no one will pay your rent. Unless you come from rich stock. And they like you.

MYTH! You can be your own weather God and live in the climate that suits you all year round.
TRUTH BANG! I lived in Budapest in the Summer. It was glorious, I lived in a massive flat on the top floor of an old building on St Istvan Karut. The temperature was 35 at least every day for weeks, it was pure. Then came the rapture. The floodgates opened and 6 weeks worth of rain fell in an hour. The roads collapsed, the power went off and most importantly my f’kin ceiling fell in. The weather is not decided by you. It’s impossible to know what will happen. Anyone who says you can live in constant sunshine is lying. Unless you move to the Sun, but that isn’t possible, you would toast.

MYTH! You are your own boss, you can work whenever you want. Fancy a long weekend? No problem, just do what you like. There are no schedules for you to follow.
TRUTH BANG! Sure, it can be done but most people won’t always be working for someone in the same time zone who take holidays when they do. There will be meetings, skype chats and last minute deadlines to meet which you will need to work around to ensure you’re a success. Bluntly put, in the fewest of words. There will be schedules, there will be no holidays in the sun*.
*There will be holidays, I just like the drama.

MYTH! You’ll never have to do a boring job again, you are free to pick and choose whichever jobs interest you the most.
TRUTH BANG! Good luck with that. Sure, there may be a 5% of digital nomads that only ever do the jobs they are passionate about but for most, and almost certainly for any newmads out there, you’re not going to be able to be so picky

MYTH! You get to see and experience all of these great new cultures and ways of life first hand. That’s so cool.
TRUTH BANG! OK, fair enough, that one is quite spot on but remember, there is always a chance you will despise where you are. Somewhere might look cosmic from afar but look incredibly horrible close up. Like a Picasso. You might have already booked flights and accommodation on a whim and arrived to find a desolate land of despair. Somewhere you imagine your dreams go to die. Try feeling motivated in that!

The bad propaganda. EXPOSED!

MYTH! ‘You won’t have any friends you know, all digital nomads are sad lonely losers.’ Or words to that effect.
TRUTH BANG! Fair enough, it might be difficult to make friends if you are jetting from city to city every other day but it’s really not that hard to find like-minded individuals on the road. Just Google digital nomad friends! Personally, I met some of my best friends whilst travelling and I am going to see them next week so yeah. It can be done. Especially if I can do it!.

MYTH! All of your old friends and family will forget you. There’s no chance of being invited to anything and you’ll be devastated you missed out on it all.
TRUTH BANG! Potentially true sure. Personally, I would much rather have my friends come and meet me somewhere fun and new rather than slogging back to my old hometown but I guess it depends on what your social circles are like.

MYTH! You are always moving house, there is no time to settle down or even start feeling vaguely at home before you’re packing that bag again and heading off somewhere new.
TRUTH BANG! Absolute codswallop. Just because you are a digital nomad it doesn’t mean you have to traipse around somewhere new every third day. Long-term rentals do exist outside of your home country you know!

MYTH! Oh, I hear the WiFi can be a bit funny over there’.
TRUTH BANG! It’s 2018! Unless you are going right out into the heart of ‘Non-Binary of the Wild’ territory you should be cosmic. If you do find yourself struggling you can easily find an app to show you the hottest WiFi spots around you where you can go and work. Which neatly leads me too.

MYTH! It’s difficult to get and stay motivated when there is so much to see and do around you.
This is a good and bad myth.
TRUTH BANG! Fair enough, I get that but look at it this way, say you go to a cafe or similar to work. Somewhere you have to buy a drink to stay and use the services. Not an expensive drink but a beer say, a 90 cents beer. Now, imagine how much faster you can work when you are a bit drunk enjoying yourself and want to continue doing so. I know I’d be typing at a rate just to get it done, drop my stuff off and then go back out. That might just be me mind. You need to want to do it for sure, but it can be done. Read this article for more info.

TRUTH BANG! Nope.* It’s liberating not having all of the material goods in the world. You can usually always find a way. If you really want to play Fifa, go to the electronics shop and bags the demo machine for 10 minutes. Make the most of the amenities around you and you’ll have a much more enjoyable life.
*There is a swear in that link.

MYTH! You will cry because you won’t know the language and no-one will talk to you and you won’t even be able to ask for a potato at the shop. Basically, you will have the life skills of a garden gnome.
TRUTH BANG! Yeah, to be honest, that can/did happen. Learning certain languages is tough but you’ll find that most people (in my experience) will be patient and a little bit of effort will go a long way. You can find language apps online for free and there is always good old Google translate.


MYTH! People will think you are a bit of a div for doing it and going all ‘digital nomad’ on everyone. They’ll think you just live a life of luxury doing zip and getting paid for.
TRUTH BANG! Maybe you are! Prove them right, they are only jealous!