Pull along vs Rucksack?

Rucksack? Pull along?

Anyone that wants to travel the world living the digital nomad lifestyle is probably going to want to take some sort of luggage with them, whether that’s a fleet of suitcases, a rucksack or simply a large handbag is up to each individual nomad. There are a few pitfalls to consider when looking at luggage. Is it big enough? Is it comfortable? Can I take it on an airplane? Do I look like an idiot?  All of these dull questions and more can give you quite a headache, It’s important that you take a bit of time to research your options and hopefully find yourself a sturdy travel companion for years to come.

A comprehensive guide to airline baggage allowance (UK)

Suitcases/pull along.
I am old enough to remember a time when going on holiday meant a 3 hour queue in the airport to check in 4 suitcases. It was miserable. However, thanks to airlines charging extortionate fees for the privilege of taking more than 1 pair of shoes away with you, most people forgo hold luggage and concentrate on cramming as many things as possible in the small cabin space. The size allowed varies between the airlines but is usually, roughly the same. Pull along cases are ideal for the tidy, organised traveller. It’s amazing what you can roll up, squash down and wedge in when you take the time. A quick search of a well-known internet shopping rainforest throws up hundreds of options “guaranteed” to fit almost all airlines and budgets. There are a huge range of colours and patterns available to ensure you stand out from the crowd or are at the cutting edge of airport fashion. Available in soft or hard back options the humble pull along is a very versatile chap, easy to lock and durable enough to protect laptops, tablets and other valuables. These cases are great for some digital nomads. The success of a pull along case is very much dependant on your itinerary, I can’t imagine anything worse than pitching up at the airport for a 3 month tour of South East Asia carrying a with one. I’m not sure the wheels would take to kindly to forest floors or mountain hikes. However, if I was going on a scenic, train travelling tour of European culture I’d like nothing more than a wheelie case with me, I could live without the noise mind.

A popular affordable choice, and a stylish, sturdier choice::

A link to a packing video that’s currently popular!


If you would like to take a proper, life-size suitcase with you check all prices and weight allowances first, I have personally suffered the indignity of throwing away toiletries at the airport before boarding the plane wearing 3 shirts and a coat. It was that or pay £65. A slight bonus however, going back to my first sentence is that as no one wants to pay to check bags in there is usually no queue at all!

I’m a rucksack man, always have been, well apart from one summer when I embraced the man bag. To be young again… Alas, rucksacks are fantastic, that’s pretty much all you need to know yeah?
The rucksack is a magical invention, if you manage to find the right one it will be with you for years. I very recently had to put my old sack out to pasture after 15 years of loyal service (JanSport, brilliant), it was a dark day. As it replacement I opted for something larger that would cope on my own digital nomad adventures, I ended up with a Karrimor Skido 65. It’s ok, does everything I need it to at a very reasonable price. The bag is pretty cosmic looking and comes in at least 3 colour variations!! Mine is green and grey incase you wondered? As the name suggests the bags capacity is 65l and incorporates an extendable inner pocket, bungee cords and outside mesh pockets. This storage space is complemented by various straps ideal for clipping water bottles or tying shoes to, I think I put a straw hat on mine? The bag is comfortable, with great padding in all the expected areas and is a steal at around £30. The bag is not without its faults mind, the quality has been an issue for some reviewers I have come across, I understand this in part. If you are planning a frantic, extreme activity filled adventure you may wish to upgrade to something a little more rugged but for mild to moderate travels you can’t go wrong here. To be honest my biggest concern with it is the name..
Ps. Just a quick note, the bag seems to be very popular with Asian women, they’re pretty stylish right?
Pps. I can’t find the Skido 65 on the Karrimor website, they seem to have renamed it the Wildcat. You can still find the original Skido on eBay, Amazon and other online retailers.

I only own one rucksack so can’t really comment on others, reputable brands with good reviews I have found include:

Berghaus, Highlander, High Sierra and The North Face:

Finally, a nice in-between option I stumbled across was this which seems to be a great sized bag, with great reviews, in great colours at a great price. Enjoy.