Short hop bag packing.

 If you haven’t yet made up your mind on whether to take the leap into full-time digital nomadism now is the perfect time to give it a trial run. As the ‘Summer of tourists’ is winding down you’ll start to find more and more cheap flights on all of your favourite flight comparison websites basically begging for you to book them. I know for a fact that if you are flexible with destinations you can get flights from the UK to France from £5 in October. That’s FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS*. Or for any American readers it’s the same as $6.60 and for my European siblings, it’s €5.54**. Anyway, the point is, if you fancy a crack at a digital nomad ‘holiday’ now might be a fantastic to start looking.

*There probably will be a few taxes thrown onto that but hey, it’s still cheap.
**I’d like to personally thank the 17,000,000 idiots voters that voted to tank the £ and basically the country. Cheers, you xenophobic ****’s, I’m glad I don’t live with you.

With that in mind and coupled with my own upcoming digital nomad ‘holiday’ (7 days in Scotland) I figured now would be a good time to share with you what you might need on your first jaunt into the digital nomad cosmos*.
*I should mention that as well as working on this website I also do things graphically, I will be packing along those lines. I am also lucky enough to know that I will be able to wash and dry my clothes whilst I am away. I will be packing light on the clothes front.

The Bag.

A bag only its Mother could love.

Now, I’m only going for a week, therefore I’ll obviously only need a small bag. I have gone for a fully functional yet fugly looking number. I like it because it has lots of pockets and compartments and I really like pockets and compartments. Also, it was cheap and can be locked. Again, I am aware that it is fugly. I like to think that it was designed this way to deter any potential thieves. Kind of like:
‘Hey, I’m gonna steal that guy’s bag. Actually, looking at it he must have some pretty fugly and rubbish possessions if they have to travel in that thing.’

The Tools of the Trade.

I like the colours.

Right, this is pretty straight forward for me, I will need one laptop (no case, that’s not how I roll). One Wacom graphics tablet and pen with one spare stylus. That is all. I mean you obviously need to take into account power supplies and what not but I figure you’re intelligent people, I mean, you do visit this website. If you are travelling for a short time I think the best idea is to travel as light as possible but obviously, your area of expertise may not allow that.

Personal Essentials.

My phone was too shy to be in the group picture.

1 phone that doubles up as my entertainment centre. 1 camera that is much better than the one on my phone. 1 pair of headphones that I have had for about 2 months and are yet to break, something of a record for me. 1 pen, my favourite and best pen. You might not have one of those yet, that’s fine, you still have time.

Personal Un-Essentials.
Er, sometimes I like to take a book to read. Maybe not this time but if I was it would be the greatest book. Everybody would say so.

Public Essentials.

I am going to Scotland, I hear they like a drink there. I will probably add paracetamol to this collection.

Toiletries. Always be courteous to your fellow humans. No one wants to be sat next to some stinky fool on a plane or a train. I mean, yeah, you can buy them when you get to your destination but if you get yourself a little travel bag and some travel sized product you can save yourself the bother. My kit includes shower gel, moisturizer, deodorant, antiseptic, plasters, allergy tablets, a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Yes, I do over-pack here.

Now, being something of a ”fashionista” I am a bit stuck here, I want to look my best but I just don’t have the room. Fortunately, the timings of my flights (early morning, late night) mean that despite living in an incredibly warm country I can dress for my arrival into an incredibly cold country. Basically, I’ll take some jeans, some t-shirts, underwear, a coat, a shirt or two. Probably enough for three or four days. You can always wash your clothes in the sink!

Misc Items.

I think I’ll take the hat and the collar, please.

Your weather dependent items go here, your hats, your sunglasses, your scarves, your gloves. The reminder of the cat you left behind. Just me eh?

Don’t Forget Your.

The wallet looks a lot cooler in person. Promise.

Passport, money, any important documents. You’d look like a right berk if you did.

And that my friends is essentially all I will need for my mini working holiday. You may need more, you may need less. There probably is no right or wrong answer here*. I’m not actually going until next week so I’m not going to pack it all up to have to unpack it again to have to repack it. That’s just silly. I will post an update nearer the time of the fully packed bag, I hope you can contain your excitement until then?
*Huh, well that realisation has just left me questioning the entire existence of this article. What’s the point? Why are we even here? Should I get that new record I want? Who even knows anymore….

Any tips for potential digital nomads packing wise? Be a pal and help them out in the comments section.

Happy travels.