Digital Nomad Jobs – How to become a social media manager.

 Digital Nomad Jobs – Social Media Guru

*Elton John – Social Disease, it’s a great song.
This job goes by many names. Some call it social media manager. Others call it social media marketer. Some people say social media strategist. Others call it Facebook man, deliverer of the status. Some people call it community strategist….
As I, nor you, have the time to go through this laboured Mighty Boosh reference every time we’ll stick with guru. It’s easier to go with guru.

If you are a potential or existing digital nomad with a penchant for all things Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more why not use it to make money! Social media guru is quite an overarching job title, it’s not just as simple as sitting around all day uploading a few funny pictures and debating for hours whether your caption is witty enough. You will/may be doing that of course but there is far more to the role.

As a social media guru you will be thrust into the mad, wild ride that is er, social media. You will be responsible for what is rapidly becoming an incredibly important part of the business world. You’re going to need to be pretty freaking amazing at what you do. A social media guru will be in charge of a surprisingly large number of tasks. As well as updating the social media they can also be required to set up the pages, respond to customer complaints, use analytical tools and write relevant reports, create content, use the correct SEO practices, devise marketing strategies and ensure that the current practices are up to date and modern. That’s quite a lot already, there’s more. Other roles the gurus may need to do include online research (hunting down any reviews or mentions of their company), sourcing and reposting of relevant posts to increase traffic, organising competitions, interacting with others in roles relevant to the industry they are in and keeping on top of all the new social media tools that come out. Of course, not all companies will expect their social media guru to do all of these roles, it’s just better if you can! People will prefer to hire one person that can competently handle all of the roles instead of 4 people to split the roles.

Whilst many of these roles may seem trivial it’s important to know that they all combine together and that a mistake in one or two places can easily derail a company’s momentum going forward. If you slack off on SEO you will soon lose search ranking places which has a massive effect on traffic. If you have had a few drinks and go a little keyboard warrior on a disgruntled customer you can guarantee you’ll be viral for all the wrong reasons in the morning. It doesn’t take much to mess this up!

If you’ve decided that this sounds like a role you be interested in its time to get serious! The first, and easiest step is to build your presence. I’ll assume that you are already on social media and are quite interested in it? If not, you should set up profiles on all of the major players as soon as you can. People probably won’t hire you if you can’t prove what you say you can do. Next up is to learn the trade. There are many ways for you to do this from e-books to online courses which are both free and paid. As always Udemy is a good place to look but there are other options out there for you. Putting in the hard work now will give you a great understanding of all things social media guru and help you out a lot in the future.

As with practically all of the digital nomad jobs you should have your own website set up. It doesn’t need to be overly flashy or amazing, just a solid place to show off what you can do. You will, of course, need something to show off on your website. You can gain some experience here by managing your own accounts (which seems a little bit lame) or by asking a local business/band if you can do the work for them at a special rate or for free. It’s not ideal but it will prove that you can do the job.

Don’t forget to do your research whilst you are reading the books, taking the courses, setting up the websites and generally guru-ing. Take note of the popular pages and what they are doing, don’t copy them of course but remember who they are and what they do. They may be a good reference point for you in the future.

Hopefully, through the extensive learning you have done, you will know all about strategies? This is what you will offer the client and how much it will cost them. It’s up to you where you want to go from here but as a beginner you may wish to work on a 3-tier structure, from a basic package to an extensive one. This (hopefully) gives you a larger client base to work with and will help you build up your confidence and experience in the role.

What do I need skill wise?

The first thing to tell you is that you don’t really need a degree*! Good for you if you’ve got one in areas like advertising, marketing, journalism or media, but you really didn’t have to. As long as you have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience you should be golden.
*Unless you want to work for a big billion dollar company, they’ll probably want a degree.

The clerical skills required to be an exceptional media guru are fairly straightforward. You will need an excellent eye for detail, be able to multitask, have strong writing skills, be top-notch with time management, have great presentation skills, be a customer service wizard and have an analytical approach to data. These are all fairly self-explanatory.

The non-clerical skills you’ll need are/is creativity, no-one wants a dull social media experience these days. It’s up to you to keep people interested in your company every day. You’ll need new, hip, fresh ideas and a way to make yourself memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Oh, you’ll need to be pretty cosmic with IT as well. You should have a look at websites like Hootsuite, Buffer and SproutSocial. These are all popular tools designed to make the social media gurus life easier. They are not free but they do offer trial periods and handy tips and advice.

What do I need hardware wise?

A laptop. An internet connection. It isn’t that much really.

Where do I find work?

Self-promotion, set up your website and social media pages and get looking! You should look at getting yourself a professional email address, [email protected] looks better than [email protected] Create content on your website and aim to get as high up the ranking pages as possible, this will help bring people to your website and your skills. Make sure you let people know what it is you are doing now, network. Friends, Romans, countrymen, borrow their ears.

And you can also always look at the freelance job listing sites.

What can I earn?

This depends on your level of skill really, beginners will learn less and experts will earn more! You should never sell yourself short but keep an eye on competitor’s price ranges, you should stay competitive.

Social media salaries start at around $22,000 a year so as a freelancer you should take that into account when setting your rates. Fortunately, if you are good at what you do and can do it quickly there isn’t really much stopping you taking on new jobs, which means no limit to your earning potential.

How well does it suit the digital nomad lifestyle?

Pretty perfectly if you can do it well. The equipment list is small, the work is completely remote and the software allows you to automatically update pages any time of the day. You could easily get all of your work for the weekend done on a Friday morning, tick a few boxes and have a nice long weekend off, exploring whichever part of the world you are in! This role is a must consider for all potential or existing digital nomads that have a keen interest in social media.