Spring Into Europe.

 Spring is a fantastic time to go to Europe. Obviously, you get the benefits of cheaper airfares, hotels and fewer crowds, but you also get something much better than that. You get to witness the wonderful world of nature waking up from its winter sleep. Spring in Europe is a fantastic time for digital nomads that enjoy their outdoor activities. Campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Europe to make the most of its stunning springtime scenery.

Whats in it for a working digital nomad?

Any digital nomad photographers out there will surely be keen to make the most of the amazing natural light springtime offers. You are sure to find some amazing photo opportunities whether you are in Budapest or Braga. Likewise, vloggers will get the chance to film in some stunning surroundings. Travel writers and bloggers will find new and exciting inspiration on a daily basis (probably). Even e-book sellers might stumble across a hidden castle ruin that can double as the setting for their next epic.

For everyone else, there is a huge amount to see and do. You are sure to find something that sates your lust for outdoor life. Whether you are into wildlife and wildflowers or just relaxation, you are sure to have an amazing experience. There is, however, one tiny downside to Europe in the Spring. The weather. It can be rather unpredictable.

What to do about it?

Whilst you’ll probably appreciate it not being 35 degrees every day, you might not be as keen on the occasional/very occasional rain showers we get. Personally, I’m a big fan, but a big fan that likes to stay dry. For anyone visiting Europe this Spring, you will need a solid rain jacket. A digital nomads rain jacket needs to be many things, not just waterproof. You need to take into account weight, packability wearability and more.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to the great outdoors and need to know which rain jackets are the best for staying dry, warm, fashionable and much more, read this handy, informative article which tells you all you need to know and look out for.