The EU Digital COVID Certificate Is Approved and Live

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Many digital nomads are hitting the refresh button often for news on when and where Europe will reopen this summer. Greece is currently open to vaccinated Americans or those who can provide a negative PCR Test. Croatia is accepting tourists, as well, with some exceptions. And France has said they’ll reopen on June 9.

But on the whole, we’re still waiting for the EU to make a move. However, the EU digital covid certification is now live and a signal of tourism moving forward, which means Americans could soon be given the green light.

What is the digital covid certification?

To streamline and simplify screening inbound passengers for covid, the EU has introduced a digital certification. This shows proof of vaccination, proof of a negative covid test, or proof of recovering from the virus.

Countries using the covid certification system

As reported by The New York Times, seven countries are currently using the digital certification. Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Poland are all using the digital certificate for citizens. The European Commission said all 27 bloc nations would be using the passport by July 1. Non-EU member countries like Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland are also expected to use the digital certification system soon.

Netherlands at night

What does this mean for American citizens hoping to travel to Europe?

We’re not sure yet what this means for American tourists. Many countries have said they’ll be open for summer tourism, including Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Several countries within the EU are currently allowing tourists from other countries within the EU to enter. As for Americans, we’ll have to wait to see if and when the EU announces a green light for tourism to return and how they’ll implement the digital covid certification.


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