The EU Just Recommended Reinstating Restrictions on US Tourists as Delta Spreads

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Amid rising covid cases in the US, the European Union has removed the US from its list of covid-safe countries. The EU reviews the list every two weeks and also removed Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Lebanon, and North Macedonia.

The 27-member EU entity has no overarching regulations about which tourists are allowed in and under what conditions. Each country in the EU is given recommendations and is then free to make their own regulations as they see fit. The latest move to remove US from the safe list will likely result in a mixture of new rules on who can enter the EU for non-essential purposes.

To be included on the EU’s safe list, a country must have no more than 75 covid cases per 100,000 people. Bloomberg reported the US had 588 covid cases per 100,000 over the span of two weeks ending on August 22. 

The EU placed the US on the safe list in mid-June. At that time, the rate of covid infection in the US was 61 out of every 100,000 people.

What happens to US tourists now?

The EU’s recommendation to reinstate travel restrictions on those coming from the US was passed down on Monday evening in Brussels. Some countries are likely to keep with their current regulations of allowing vaccinated US tourists or those who can provide a negative covid test to enter. However, no EU country has made an official statement yet.

Lauren Allain
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