Cheap Travel Tips. Part 1.

 Good morning. Happy Monday. Welcome to a fantastic new week of digital nomad life.

Before I get down to business I’d just like to point out that today’s and tomorrows articles (part 2) will be fairly light-hearted. Just in case, you know, all of that 23rd of September end of days business is real. I’m going away to Scotland on the 20th but I’d hate to spend what could be my last two days in Portugal with my darling little Margy staring at a computer screen and furiously typing away inside the house. I’d much rather be outside, staring at the sea (before Cthulhu rises up from it and devours all of our mortal souls? To be honest there have been so many of these apocalypses now that I can’t keep track. Is this the Planet X one or the rapture now?) with my little cat. Anyway, I figured that a great way to celebrate the ‘not end of days’ happening would be to go travelling. You never know when the next one will come along. We might as well make the most of it whilst we can right?

Now, you might not want to spend all of your hard-earned currency travelling, you might want to put some aside to pay for your bunker/ark/donation to a preacher who can save your soul*? Well here at Digital Nomad Jobs we cater for all types, the rich, the poor, the slightly misguided fools, we’re all friends. And that is why below you can find some award-winning** tips on how to save your pennies whilst travelling.
*For real, what do these guys do with the money? You’d think they would do it for free if we’ve only got 5 days left.
**They are not actually award-winning tips. I just thought that if people could make up stories about the end of the world I could give myself a few phoney awards. I’ll edit the post on Sunday if I need to.

Before you go.

*This one is mind-blowing. You’ll be totally amazed at how ‘out there’ this suggestion is. Take a deep breath…. You should always shop around. Take your time and look at more than one booking website. You’ll easily find cheaper flights if you put 5 minutes work in, just be wary of going too far the other way and refusing to book something unless you can find another 80p off.
*Travel at the right times. Avoid the school holidays or typical vacation times and save yourself quite a lot of cash.
*You might want to avoid Europe in the Summertime. Being a European I can safely say that my fellow union members have you by the short and curlies come the Summer. Prices are increased, it’s incredibly busy and you’ll often find all of the ‘cheap’ options are booked up by the locals themselves on holiday.
*Look at indirect flights. It may save you a bit of money, and allow you to see more of the world if you can be a bit leisurely with your flight arrangements.
*Avoid any costly extras you don’t really need. Unless you desperately want to sit in seat 25c there really isn’t much point booking it. The same goes for priority boarding, which in my opinion is the single greatest scam in airline history. You pay to get onto a plane 2 minutes before everyone else to sit in a seat that has already been allocated to you. You don’t win a prize, you don’t get a round of applause, all you get are people like me looking at you and thinking ‘fool’.
*Don’t pack like a moron! Check your luggage allowance before you get to the airport. I’ll confess, I did it once, I felt like a prize berk. Standing just off of the main queue trying to put another t-shirt on and deciding what books to leave behind. It was a sad day and one which I hope no-one has to repeat.
*Also, make sure that your liquids are in a clear plastic bag and are under the limits allowed. You don’t want to have to pay north of $1/£1/(my keyboard is broken but visualise a Euro sign here)1 for what is essentially, a glorified sandwich bag.
*Talking of sandwiches, take your own for the plane or train. You’ll save a fortune and you’ll actually be able to eat food you enjoy. Be kind to others, don’t make anything that’s too pungent. No-one deserves sitting next to a stinky sandwich eater.

When you’re there.

*If you can get away without flying again, don’t fly again. Trains and buses can work out a lot cheaper than flights across the continent. Sure, it’ll take a lot longer but you’ll get to see a lot more of the world. Channel your inner Neil Hannon and use the National Express.
*I don’t like staying in hostels but I am one incredibly picky man with ideas above my station. You, however, can use websites like hostelworld to bag yourself a bargain bed in the European city of your choice.
*Avoid the tourist traps. The restaurants, the excursions, the tat shops. Get yourself a map of the city and explore that place like no other digital nomad has before.
*Use your legs. The distances between the landmarks on maps are often misleading. What looks far away can actually be a lot closer than you think. Use something like citymaps2go to find, plan and save your ideal walk through the city.
*Failing that, get a job lot of tickets or a travel pass. If you are planning on spending a fair bit of time somewhere you will almost certainly get your money’s worth.
*Lots of places in Europe will give you a discount up to the ripe old age of 25 or so. I miss that. Make sure you know if being young will give you yet another unfair advantage on us old folk. (I’m 31). Oh, this will also work if you are over 65.
*Know your roaming charges. Don’t get done up like a kipper, use the wi-fi or consider getting a local sim card if your phone will accept it.
*Try not to get stung whilst using a cash machine, they are often loaded with incredibly bad exchange rates.
*Don’t get ill, it will cost you a fortune! Well, not really but it’s not overly cheap.
*If you like doing the tourist trail of museums and galleries keep your eyes peeled for a city card. They will have a lot of entrance fees included in the original cost and will have loads of ideas of other things for you to see.
*Still be a bit cautious of the city card mind. You’ll get some discounts for sure. Just make sure they are discounts for places you want to be. A lot of them will offer 10% in restaurant A which is more than likely 40% more expensive than restaurant B.

Right, there is part 1 of your blindingly obvious travel advice. I hope you found something to take away with you. Until tomorrow. Take it easy.