Vaccinated? Costa Rica Just Made It More Appealing to Enter the Country

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There’s good news for vaccinated digital nomads planning to head to Costa Rica soon. The country recently announced the removal of a potentially sticky piece of red tape. Beginning August 1, Costa Rica will drop its requirement for proof of travel health insurance for those considered fully vaccinated from covid.

Vaccinated or not, everyone needs to fill in Costa Rica’s Health Form upon arrival. The online form will send a QR code to show airport authorities.

If you’re vaccinated and entering Costa Rica

Any traveler entering the country on or after August 1 won’t be required to show proof of insurance when providing proof of vaccination. The four vaccines Costa Rica has approved are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.

The last dose must have been administered 14 days before entry. All vaccination cards need to include the dates of each dose, vaccine type and batch number, and the traveler’s full name. CDC-issued cards meet these requirements.

For unvaccinated tourists entering Costa Rica

Unvaccinated tourists entering the country on or after August 1 will need to meet the current health insurance requirements.

Costa Rica currently holds a requirement for all those traveling to the country to show proof of travel health insurance prior to entry. This travel insurance must contain coverage for $50,000 in care and an additional $2,000 to be paid by the insurance for lodging if you need to be quarantined during your stay. 

Screenshot from Costa Rica-approved Blue Cross Blue Shield covid health insurance

In order to show proof, you must request a certificate or letter from your insurance company stating you will be covered in Costa Rica, specifically for the exact dates of your stay. Costa Rica won’t accept insurance cards as proof of coverage. 

So, although it is always a good idea to travel with health insurance, for many, this would not exactly be a quick and easy task to get the additional paperwork you need, especially if you’re already on the road. 

The insurance requirement still stands for any visitors to the country who have not yet been fully vaccinated with Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson.


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