Vietnam Plans to Open Its Popular Resort Island to Vaccinated Tourists Next Month

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Vietnam just announced its plans to reopen the popular tourist island of Phu Quoc. The government said it’s moving forward with plans to welcome vaccinated tourists to the island via commercial flights starting in October. Initially, the plan is to invite tourists throughout a six-month trial period. In addition to being fully vaccinated, Vietnam will require tourists to present a negative covid test.

Similar to Thailand’s Phuket Sandbox, Vietnam plans to vaccinate all eligible residents on Phu Quoc to limit the potential for community spread before inviting tourists onto the island. Vietnam’s tourism authority said Phu Quoc hasn’t suffered from any community spread of covid.

The popular resort island sits in the Gulf of Thailand, south of the Cambodian coast. Until recently, Vietnam saw low numbers of covid cases. As the delta variant spread, however, the country has experienced an increase in cases and implemented lockdown measures. The country closed to international tourists on March 22, 2020.


Lauren Allain
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